November 2019

Prayer is Powerful

In May this year I applied for a Senior Investigator position at the Ontario Securities Commission which was a perfect role for my skill-set.  I went through two vigorous interview panels only to find out in the summer that I was not going to get the position.  I was really upset as I thought this job was mine.  I trusted that God had something better for me.

Attending Freedom Session taught me a few skills, one being to sometimes put yourself first, especially when praying and talking to God.  I created a prayer list with my name on top and one of the prayers that I had secretly been praying for was the Senior Investigator position, even though it had already been given to someone else.

On Tuesday I was contacted by the HR representative and asked whether I was still interested in this position.  I said YES!

She sent me some administrative work to complete and on Friday I was offered the job!  Effective January 6, 2020 I start my new position!

Prayer is Powerful and nothing is IMPOSSIBLE with God.  Thank you for all your prayers over the last year and to God be Glorified!

Trevor Parkes