September 2019

Jesus Leads

“Jesus leads, the devil drives” is something I have heard many times. About 18 months ago, I asked the Lord for help as I felt that I had always been very driven plus I was driving my loved ones especially in a controlling fashion. Jesus helped me understand what He was saying in Matthew 11:30: “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light”. I “ate” this verse and with God’s help started to practice what it meant to give my challenges to Jesus (i.e. hitting the forward button and sending it to Him for direction). I have noticed less fear in me of the unknown or when challenges come my way. Anxiety has gone down. I don’t hurt as easy. I am less controlling of my loved ones and trusting plus believing that He has the perfect plan for my kids, my loving husband and my elderly mother. I have come to understand that God can be everything to me. Even when I can play golf all by myself when no one is able to join me, Jesus was my golf partner. He is even better than Tiger Woods! I am also slowly and surely enabling my kids less. I look forward to not enabling them at all and instead praying for them and being there for them when they come for advice or ask for my opinion or help. I have noticed my kids being more happier and growing slowly and surely more independent. Best of all, I am more relaxed, enjoying life and being more peaceful. I enjoy doing my everyday work more with Jesus leading. I know that challenges will come my way and when they do I ask God to help me be cool, calm and controlled like a well running nuclear power plant unit.  Thank you to you my Bridge family for your love and support over the years and most of all for gently walking with me.

Rasu Rosario