January 2016

God’s Miracle in the Workplace

I want to give thanks to the Lord for giving me a job in my profession. I would also want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who prayed for me.

I came to Canada with a Master’s Degree in Economics from the US hoping to find employment in my field but all I could get were contracts from time to time. In the meanwhile I always had a fulltime job in an automotive parts factory. After a while I felt professionally rusty and returned to school to do a Master’s Degree in Policy Studies. Even with 2 Master’s Degrees and having done all the right things as advised by employment counsellors, the professional job remained elusive. Eventually I began to despair and often wondered why the Lord would give me such a good education and yet let me labour in a factory. However, the Lord had a better plan.

A miracle happened last week. Our company was bought by a big international automative company which is rolling out a Lean Production System to improve efficiency in all the acquired factories. They advertised for positions to lead the effort in various factories. The Human Resources coordinator encouraged me to apply for one of the positions but having faced rejection too many times, I hesitated. Then I came to church the following Sunday and the Lord spoke a word in the worship service saying “is there anything too hard for me”. I strongly felt this word was targeting my employment situation. So I went to work and applied for the position. Then something amazing happened. The International Director of the Lean Production Program came to interview me in person. He was very impressed and I had another interview with the General Manager of the location I will be working. To my amazement, the General Managed used to be my manager in the same company at the Scarborough factory which was closed due to the 2009 recession. He could not hide his excitement at seeing me. The Lord was leading me to the right people.

Last week I was offered the position of Production Systems Expert reporting directly to the General Manager. The position combines my skills as an economist with practical experience working in the factory. Looking at this in retrospect, I now know that the Lord was keeping me in the factory to prepare me for this positon and I did not understand it. I learned that I should always trust God even if I don’t understand what is happening in my life


Kuziva Ziramba