You are our Healer!

By Jeanine Soligo

At the gym on Tuesday, an older woman came into our Pilates class limping badly.  She is in great shape and very athletic.  When we asked her what had happened, she said she didn’t know but she had been in pain for several days.  She has been training for a marathon.  When class was finished, I explained that Jesus still heals and asked her if I could pray for her.  She said yes!  As I prayed, her eyes filled with tears.  When I finished, she said that no one had ever done that for her before.  She thanked me and I told her to test it out and expect to see a difference.  I went to get changed and when I was walking to my car, I saw her ahead of me.  I asked her how she felt now.  And she looked surprised and said that it felt better.  She couldn’t believe it and repeated that it felt fine.  I told her to say, “Thank you Jesus” and she did.  We had class again Friday and when I asked her how she was, she first gave me the standard “fine” but then she remembered her foot and with a big smile said “Oh I’m great.  Yes I am all better.”  Thank you Jesus that You are the same today, yesterday and forever.  You are our Healer!