Witness of God’s Mercies

By Joy Joseph

Hello everyone! My name is Joy Joseph. I moved to Canada from Sri Lanka a month ago. I would like to share the amazing grace that God has shown towards me in this new country. I will briefly share a bit about myself. I am a mum of two lovely daughters. It was a tough decision for me to make to leave my own country, my brothers, my friends, my relatives, a good job and everything I knew to move to Canada. However, I opted to leave everything behind and to accept the job I received here (which is purely the grace of God) in order to support my children and provide a better future for them.

I started my new journey here with hopes, faith in God, fear of the future, excitement etc. It is not easy to start all over again in a new country after living in your home country for many years, whilst also having much to deal with the many commitments ahead towards my children.

I started looking for a place to live as I was staying at my boss’s home from the time I landed. I experienced God’s grace through them as they made me feel at home. I didn’t like any of the houses/basements that I visited except for one (which was beyond my budget). I was frustrated and sad. I cried out to the Lord asking him to provide me a place as per my likings. The same day one of my friends from Sri Lanka who is settled here called me. She introduced a place, and she asked me to visit and see. I did not have hopes, but I did visit. It turned out to be a lovely house that had everything I was looking for. The rent was also within my budget. I couldn’t believe how God answered my prayers and I was so happy.

Even though I was excited about the house and was happy, I was breaking my head on budgeting and planning on how to buy the necessary household items. This seemed to be a huge expense for me as I have other commitments to be met from immediate effect. I was confident and surrendered everything to God. I would like to proudly state that God looked into each and every need, and he provided all that I needed to start my journey without me having to spend a cent. He worked through many friends and most of them were not known to me before. I am truly blessed and amazed of God’s favour through the love and care of many who are here and outside.

My simple message to all of you is that God never lets us down. He does wonders when we trust him and when we cling on to him. I never thought that relocation is this tough but I was able to face all challenges by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. I wish and pray that God will use me to be of some help to others in the future.

Thank you and God Bless!