Trusting God as we go “All In”

By Sharai Viapiana

Almost a year ago, God stirred in my heart that a change was needed in my job situation.  When the world had seemingly been turned upside down, it was a scary thought to move on from the security of my job.  Though we had no idea what lay ahead, we prayed and felt God’s nudge to go “all in” with pursuing my own business while on maternity leave.  It has been some of the most challenging months but this past week I officially resigned from my corporate job.  Even though “proof” shouldn’t be necessary that God’s way is best, my company has offered me contract work through my business and I’m on track to replace my corporate salary in sales this year – all while on maternity leave during a pandemic.

God is faithful and we give Him all the glory and are thankful for His gentle leading into this new chapter as a family.