The Word Became Alive!

By Lushea Simone

Thank you Bridge family for praying for me and my family.  Thank you to Dom and Ali for their ernest prayers on my healing and for results of my CT Scan and the dreaded treatment plan that might follow.  Their powerful prayers immediately calmed and soothed my fears.  I took Ali’s advice ‘to be in the Word of the Lord’.  So literally I did, for hours and hours.  Funny things began to happen… the words came ALIVE and became TRUTH.  A deep transformation happened.  My body filled with the Holy Spirit and my heart with joy.  On the day of the report, I was told my treatment plan had changed to something more tolerable.  JESUS MOVED A MOUNTAIN for little ole me.  Thank you Jesus!  A new life in Christ’s word is the best gift this Christmas and New Year!