The Little Things That Matter To Us…

By Leilani Kunanesam

The past couple of weeks had been tough and by the end of the school week, I knew I was tired and worn out. Friday morning I thought to myself, “I wish I could treat us to something different for lunch and not have to cook it.” We’d been eating the same sort of meals daily as cooking was lower on my list of priorities and to-do’s. I also found myself wishing I’d arranged a visit from a friend that day, just to brighten my day, but in my busyness and tiredness I’d forgotten to call her.

As I sat at the table reading my bible, the door bell rang. In opening the door I was so surprised to see my friend smiling and holding out lunch that the Lord had impressed on her heart to buy for me! As we chatted, I shared how my week had been and how my heart was wanting encouragement through a yummy and different meal and the company of this friend to connect with. I was amazed to see how lovingly God had asked her to meet my heart’s desires!

As if this wasn’t enough though, …. as I shared these things with my friend, I began to realize how in my tiredness, I’d come to feel overwhelmed at the thought of cooking lunches and dinners for the family. Cooking was never something I enjoyed and invariably takes me forever to do. I told myself I’d take it a meal at a time and left it at that.

The next day, Saturday, another friend, seemingly randomly, dropped off biryani for us saying she’d made it for her children and knowing how much my 6 year old enjoyed it had brought enough for us all! It ended up being a treat enough for us all for 2 meals!

God was out to show me even more clearly how mindful He is of our circumstances and our needs! Last Sunday at church, another friend graciously offered to prepare and drop off dinner for us, along with curries that took us through a good part of the week. Over the course of this past week, more friends and family provided us with enough food that I haven’t had to cook at all!

It’s been an encouragement to me to know that God knows our hearts and is very mindful of the things that concern us, even if they may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things. I’ve also been encouraged to see and know the love of friends who have shown us God’s love in tangible ways this past week! God is good!