The Greatness of God

By Savey Jarvis

Tom’s car would not start this morning. We wanted to come to church and Savannah was out with our car. My husband kept trying to start the car by pushing it to jump start it all by himself. Finally I went in the car and was trying to jumpstart it while he was pushing it. So many cars were passing by and I started to feel so concerned for my husband just then a young man driving a black pick-up truck stopped and offered to help – he said he just couldn’t pass without stopping to help us as we were in need. When the car started, he was about to walk away and I called him to come over to me. I asked him his name, he said Randy, and as I hugged him, I realized he had alcohol on him. I hugged him and thanked and blessed him and as he left, I prayed for his soul. God is still using the Samaritan’s to help his people. Let us pray for Randy – put him on your prayer list.