The Body of Christ working together!

By Kaylon Warner

I came to The Bridge church around 2015/2016 at one of possibly the lowest times of my life.  In March 2018 I weighed 107 pounds and I had different side effects from a diagnosis that I was resisting.  I went to a healing meeting in March and noticed in August I weighed 115-120 pounds.  By Dec 31, 2018 I weighed 130 pound which I have not seen since 2010/2011!

In January 2019 I had no car and was given a car.  In February I got a brand new phone with service and I haven’t had one since 2011.  I had no job for 3 months, then got a full time job with benefits – a far better job than my previous jobs.  In April 2019 I weighed in at 154 pounds and I was truly marveled and felt undeserving, yet thankful! I felt like I won the lotto – so much good in such a short time.  In August I applied for a better job and got the job!  I started in November 2019 and passed probation in June 2020.  In August I was gifted with an almost brand new car and my health has generally been a lot better – my numbers are up and things are a lot better than they were.

Thank you The Bridge for walking with me through the thick of it!  I was embraced with support and love – a lot from many different people.  You all have been to me like the man on the stretcher carried to Jesus through the roof.  When I was so down, you showed up and helped me so much along the way.  I am forever grateful!  I really appreciate every single one of you, young and old.  You showing up impacted me and my perspective, since we are the body of Christ.  Some have come and some have gone.  I’d like to highlight those who had a direct and personal impact since I came until now – Pastor Mark & Bridget, Louise, Michael & Jeanine, Jes & Jon, Fred, Rebeccah & Rachel, Allen & Patti, Dan & Danica, Dom & Ali, Pradeep & Krish, Carmichael & Tanuja, Caleb Glover, Chris Walkington, Dilanthi, Jeshan, Samuel Anantharajan, Ken & Brenda, Bill & Corinne, Kevin & Trish, Mathew Smith, Matt Kofler, Amrit, Peter Phelps, Vince, Rani, and Thor & LaiNar.