He Takes Care of Every Detail

By Parkes Family

We received a quote for our flights back to South Africa in June for a 3 week holiday. We were short by $625. We agreed that the shortfall will be taken from my January paycheck and that we would have a tight month but, in faith, went ahead and confirmed with the travel agent to reserve the tickets provided that full payment could be made on Friday. I received my pay advice on Thursday and noted that my company had given me a small incentive bonus which resulted in me clearing just sufficient enough to pay the shortfall on the air tickets. The reason for this incentive was because my temporary transfer position to Canada has been converted to a permanent position and resulted in the payment of the incentive which was not expected at this time of year. I reconfirmed our travel plans with the travel agent and when I went to pay for the tickets, the requote was $1000 less than what we were originally quoted. Praise be to God for the continuous favour that he has placed on our family and for answering our prayers.