January 2018

God Strengthens Me

In June 2016, I was heading out of my apartment building when I was assaulted by a woman who lives in my building. She has been harassing me for over 3 years. She made false accusations against me that left me to defend myself in a court of law. As God’s child, I prayed and trusted God. The judge dismissed the case and I was freed of all false charges. It was traumatic for me, but God has made me stronger. Thank you to my church family for their support and prayers.

Gaytri Narain
January 2018

God, My Provider

Over the course of 2017 I’ve seen God work miracles as it pertains to my job. 1) God changed the hearts of my co-founders, which made working at the company much easier and it allowed me to do my job more successfully, because we weren’t butting heads anymore. 2) My department brought in half of the company’s new revenue and we crushed the goals set in 2016. 3) I had a BIG ask of God when it came to a bump in pay. I was asking for a 46% increase in base pay. After my year-end review with my co-founders, they were so delighted with the performance that they agreed whole-heartedly to the raise. Thank you Lord for coming through and providing.

Joanne Pires
November 2017

A God Who Changes Hearts

Over the summer I bought a new vehicle, so imagine my grief when my brand new car stalled in the middle of the street few weeks back. I had it towed to the dealership for them to look at and they told me that they couldn’t find anything wrong and they aren’t going to put me in a new vehicle because they aren’t obligated to do so under my contract. I didn’t even have the law on my side. After much praying and a whole lot of back-and-forth between myself, the dealership and Hyundai Canada, they agreed to replace my vehicle and put me in a brand new car. Thank you Jesus for changing the hearts of the people at Hyundai and making the impossible possible.

Joanne Pires
October 2017

He Provides My Every Need

This summer, I hoped to acquire a part-time job in order to save some money in part for my tuition. In my search for employment, the Lord strengthened my trust in Him. As I sought a job, He filled me with confidence that if in His plan for me, He would provide the right job for me and if not, He would sustain and care for me. Indeed, despite an inability to acquire a summer job, He provided all I needed and has gifted me with much more than I anticipated. Recently I logged into my student email account expecting the usual updates from my professors. Instead I stumbled upon an email informing me I have been awarded a nearly $5000 academic scholarship I did not apply for. Combined with a previous scholarship the entirety of my tuition for this year has been covered. May the Lord be praised for His immeasurable goodness. For providing what we need, perhaps even in unexpected yet wonderful ways.

Rebecca Ziramba
June 2017


Two weeks ago we were asked to give testimonies from family camp. I hesitated because I felt right in the middle of everything – in the middle of processing, in the middle of walking it out, in the middle of it all. But I felt prompted to publicly declare that I came away from our time with Greg & Michelle both encouraged and challenged. I was also trusting God to fulfill His Word, to provide a permanent job. Well, since then, postings for permanent positions with the DDSB came out and there were many jobs that fit my qualifications. After consulting with mentors or school admin, I applied to 30 positions. The day the postings closed, interview offers started rolling in and before I knew it, I had 15 interview offers. I did 5 interviews within 25 hours and was offered all 5 jobs. Two of those jobs were from my top two choices. I ended up in the very unique position as a teacher of choosing between several jobs. I selected the position that suited me best. I am now the PERMANENT French and Music teacher at Forest View Public School. I have been absolutely overwhelmed by God’s goodness and favour. Praise God!

Amy Humphries
May 2017

God Knows

As is often the case, when companies get acquired by larger ones, I found myself looking for a new job last year. It turned out to be far more difficult to find a new job than I had imagined. Many opportunities but nothing that was right in my wheel house and companies appear to be looking for that perfect tactical fit. Last month God showed me an opportunity which seemed much more in-line with my skills and business goals. This was the first opportunity that I truly got excited about. An offer was extended to me and I start the day after Family Camp.

Dave Cook