December 2018

God ALWAYS has a Plan!

The most exciting part of working in a start-up is that it tends to grow.  When I first joined the company, the founders were on the brink of shutting things down because the business wasn’t doing well.  This past year, the business grew by 44% organically, 22% of which was a direct result of the work I’ve been doing.  While that’s exciting, the biggest miracle was watching my boss (the CEO) change.  He went from threatening to fire me at least once a month in 2017, to saying to me “I am incredibly happy with what you’ve done with this department.  I don’t want to lose you and I want to make sure you’re happy”

Thank you Jesus for having a plan for this business, even when I didn’t, and for making it grow.

Joanne Pires
December 2018

God Provides and gives the Desires of our hearts

It has been a long journey for us as a family having given up a home nearly 5 years ago and moving to the other side of the world.  4 1/2 years ago it was prophesied over us that things were going to happen quickly.  We thought it would have to do with our Permanent Residency status, but it was not!

For the last couple of years we have been praying for settlement in Canada and a home, asking God for nothing grand …. just a home.  After recently receiving our permanent residency, less than 2 months ago, we went out last Saturday with a real estate agent just to look at what was on the market and landed up putting an offer on a house!

4 hours later we were told that the owners had accepted our offer and the house was only on the market for 3 days.  We had viewed a few houses and had set our minds on something less grand in view of the market and current housing prices, BUT GOD HAD SOMETHING BETTER for us.  God did not just provide our needs but also the desires of our hearts.

We give God all the glory and look forward to setting our roots in Canada by moving into our own home on February 1, 2019.

The Parkes Family
October 2018

3 Testimonies in 1

  1. Over the last year, I have been struggling with a couple of issues and for the past 4 months, they haven’t been an issue.
  2. For the past 2 years, I’ve been having back and hip problems.  A couple of weeks ago I came up for prayer and God has been healing me.  Almost 100%!
  3. God has provided for us financially in His perfect timing.  We have had a couple of big expenses over the past month and 2 coming up!

Praise God for His healing power, faithfulness, timing and blessings.

Vince Viapiana
February 2018

Nothing Is Impossible for Our God

As the year began, the church received a prophetic word of expansion. I firmly believe that this expansion means an increase in every area of our lives as a family. As I share my testimony, I do hope that it will encourage us to keep depending on Jesus Christ even when the odds are stacked against us, because nothing is ever hard for Him. My journey to receive my degree was not an easy one, as it took longer than expected. Nonetheless, by the Grace of God, I finished with results beyond my own expectations. I soon realized that the length of time it took me to complete the degree was nothing compared to the unpredictable job market; especially when you are a recent graduate. However, with the LORD absolutely nothing is impossible! I recently applied for a position within the Government of Canada and received a response to participate in the assessment process. Within this process, I was repeatedly told that this assessment process is extremely competitive and usually takes a year and beyond. Additionally, I was doing this assessment process, competing against individuals who have more years of experience than me. I would be lying if I said discouragement and doubt did not start creeping in. But our God is faithful to His promises; He is always with us in all we do! I got through all phases of the assessment process and within three weeks of this whole process, I received a call with an offer! Our God is so good, as He does that which seems impossible to our one-dimensional perspective. We give all the glory and praise to Jesus Christ and thank all who have been praying.


Andrew Ziramba
February 2018

His Ways Are Always Better

January 1st, 2017, the Lord spoke to me that this year would be a year of change and I was to trust! January 31st, 2017 I got laid off from a job where I worked for more than 20 years. My confidence was stripped away. This gave to time to refresh some skills and spend time with family. On November 20, 2017 I found another job which proved to challenge me, but it was very fast pace, demanding and late shift work. I felt inadequate and stressed. God said He had something better for me, so with much fear, I gave in my resignation last week. BUT within half an hour, my boss offered me a different job working within the company but in a different department, same pay, but better hours. Thank you all for praying for me during this transition and stressful times

Dina Davidson
January 2018

He Made A Way

God has been so gracious and faithful, He worked everything out in a way only He could. I’ve been praying and asking God whether I should pursue my passion to teach English abroad. After months of prayer and a lot of research, I started applying for teaching jobs in other countries. After about a month of no call backs or emails, I was heartbroken. Was I actually supposed to go? I kept applying to positions in faith. Eventually I was able to interview for 3 different schools. But, each of those positions were filled by other teachers. I prayed and asked God : “Lord, if You want me to go, open the doors I should walk through and close the ones I shouldn’t”. And would you believe, God opened a door the very next day? The recruiter emailed saying a school was interested for an interview and afterwards offered me a job! And to top it off, this job is located in the city I wanted to go to. There is really no way this could have happened. But God! So I ask, Bridge family, please keep me in your prayers as I live and work for a year in Daegu, South Korea. All of this could not have happened except for the grace of God, and I give Him all the glory, honour and praise.

Michelle Thevasagayam