August 2021

Trusting God as we go “All In”

Almost a year ago, God stirred in my heart that a change was needed in my job situation.  When the world had seemingly been turned upside down, it was a scary thought to move on from the security of my job.  Though we had no idea what lay ahead, we prayed and felt God’s nudge to go “all in” with pursuing my own business while on maternity leave.  It has been some of the most challenging months but this past week I officially resigned from my corporate job.  Even though “proof” shouldn’t be necessary that God’s way is best, my company has offered me contract work through my business and I’m on track to replace my corporate salary in sales this year – all while on maternity leave during a pandemic.

God is faithful and we give Him all the glory and are thankful for His gentle leading into this new chapter as a family.

Sharai Viapiana
May 2021

God Said Wait

As a lot of you know, it’s my dream to become a Veterinarian. Summer is the perfect opportunity for hopeful students like me to get as much animal experience as we can for our application without worrying about school taking all our time. Last summer I didn’t work at all because of Covid, but I was able to volunteer at a vet clinic which I’m so grateful for. I knew I needed a full time job this summer and my goal was to work in the animal field so I could gain experience and also make money. I started applying to places in February/March for when I came home in April. I got an interview early on at a vet clinic but I didn’t get the job because of my lack of experience. I kept my head up and kept applying to anywhere and everywhere, even if the commute was far. All I got was “Not selected.”  In total I got 26 rejections, all because they were looking for someone with more experience. This is when I started to lose hope in God that He would provide for me. I also started to lose hope in my dream of becoming a Veterinarian, I thought maybe all of these rejections were a sign I shouldn’t be doing this. I had also just found out that I needed to retake one of my courses during the summer because I didn’t pass. That was almost confirmation for me that I’m not supposed to be doing this. However, instead of making these huge assumptions about my future based on what I was feeling in that moment, I decided to pray and ask God what I should be doing. I had been putting it off because I was afraid of what He might say. I sat down and I prayed, and I waited and I listened. And then I got this picture of being on this spiral that was spinning really really fast and out of control, but then it just slowed down and suddenly I became one of those ballerinas in the jewelry box and was dancing on this spiral and it was really beautiful. I felt like God was telling me that when I don’t trust Him and try to do things in my own strength I spin out of control, but when I let go and let God, I slow down and begin to do all the beautiful things He has called me to do. That picture was exactly what I needed, I knew then that God was teaching me to trust in Him through all the uncertainty and believe that His plan for me is good. So I began to do that. I was encouraged by people to just apply to jobs or accept jobs that weren’t in the animal field, and I turned down a job because I knew that God was going to provide. I kept applying to places and I got an interview at a vet clinic for the role of Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist. I went in and talked to the Veterinarian, he asked me if I wanted to become a Vet and I said yes, he then said you will become one and I’m going to help you. The next day I started volunteering there and just over a week later I was hired full time. God is so good and He provided for me when I lost hope that He would.

Amy Leadsom
May 2021

Provision Above & Beyond

At the end of last year, the start-up I worked at went through a pretty big transition (my boss was let go, I got demoted, was denied an increment, and a lot of people left the company). I started looking for a new job immediately and took on a couple of side projects to strengthen my experience. God came through in a number of ways:
1. I started a new job as the head of marketing, with a $35,000 bump in base pay this past week. I hadn’t gotten a raise in over two years prior to this.
2. Due to the job transition and when my next pay check would come in, I would be short half a month’s pay this month. I got an unexpected call on Friday of last week from one of the other companies I’ve been working with, saying that they’ve been impressed with my work and want to pay me more money. They asked me to submit an invoice with a figure of my choosing, which I did. The CEO sent it back saying that he paid me $2000 USD more than I asked for, so to the invoice needed to reflect the new amount.
3. The CEO of another start-up I’ve been doing pro bono work with called and said that he wanted to pay me for some of the work that I’ve been doing with them, and him and their marketing team were deeply appreciative of the knowledge, perspective and leadership I’ve been providing.

Joanne Pires
February 2021

The preparation of the horses, the battle and the victory

In the past few years I was looking for new opportunities with my work as I have been in the current company for fifteen years serving in various roles and could not grow further. I took it to the Lord in prayer and He spoke to me and wanted to prepare the horses as the battle and the victory is His. (Proverbs 21:31)

So late last year I started preparing the horses by doing all that I can by hunting, networking and doing all what a job seeker will do. In the process I realized that the Lord wanted to change my attitude towards preparing the horses. He showed me that if I prepare the horses in my own strength I will fail miserably and He said “You could do all things through me and my strength and not yours” (Philippians 4:13)

So, the horses were ready and the day came when a company reached out to me and went through a rigors interview process (I had nothing to worry as the Lord was in the battlefield fighting) that took days and finally they offered me the job and I was Hired. The offer was above and beyond what I have expected. The battle was won and the victory was given to me by the Lord as He promised.

I start on March 15th, and I thank the Lord for His Word, strength and finally battling and winning it for me!

Thanks Pastor Mark and Bridget for your persistent prayers and standing beside me to comfort me from what you received from the Lord.

All praise and glory to the Lord and Him alone! – Amen

Pradeep Thirukumaran
December 2020

Unexpected Blessing

Last Sunday my daughter and I received an anonymous Christmas card with a significant amount of money inside of it! Being Christmas time, this money is much appreciated and I never Even imagined it was coming when I woke up Sunday morning. I choked back tears of gratitude and shear wonder at what the Lord had done. I know this person(s) wishes to remain anonymous but I had to share what the Lord has done and acknowledge their heart in this act of kindness! Thanks be to God!

Karli Pimm
December 2020

God’s Provision

Since being laid-off from Xerox Canada almost 4 years ago, I had lost hope and all self confidence in finding a job where my personality and skills could be used.

About 3 weeks ago the assistant to the boss whom laid me off last March 2020 due to COVID, called saying I could return to them on Dec.1st to work part time. But my heart wasn’t at peace, that same day, while praying,  I was searching on Indeed for different job and found a job in Pickering for a Bilingual French Customer Experience Representative and Administrative assistant position for a Wig Company, within an hour of applying, I got a ZOOM interview same day, so I telephoned my ex- boss advising them I would not be returning (I felt strongly in my spirit to take a leap of faith, trusting God that He had something much better for me).

Next day the job I had applied for sent me an online test assessment, and following day I got a phone interview with the Director and by Friday an in person interview and by Monday, I got the job!!!

I started last on Nov 30th, full time hours 9-5 Mon-Fri, with benefits and RRSP matching after 3 months.

It is such a nice breath of comfort and fresh air, atmosphere in office so different than my former work experience.  I am so thankful to God for leading me and for all of you who’ve prayed for me to gain my confidence and to believe again.

PLUS the boss and company accountant presented me with a Bonus Christmas of $500 ..they said they are so glad that I’m a good fit and learned stuff quickly.

Praise God!! I am so thankful!

Dina Davidson