Provision Above & Beyond

By Joanne Pires

At the end of last year, the start-up I worked at went through a pretty big transition (my boss was let go, I got demoted, was denied an increment, and a lot of people left the company). I started looking for a new job immediately and took on a couple of side projects to strengthen my experience. God came through in a number of ways:
1. I started a new job as the head of marketing, with a $35,000 bump in base pay this past week. I hadn’t gotten a raise in over two years prior to this.
2. Due to the job transition and when my next pay check would come in, I would be short half a month’s pay this month. I got an unexpected call on Friday of last week from one of the other companies I’ve been working with, saying that they’ve been impressed with my work and want to pay me more money. They asked me to submit an invoice with a figure of my choosing, which I did. The CEO sent it back saying that he paid me $2000 USD more than I asked for, so to the invoice needed to reflect the new amount.
3. The CEO of another start-up I’ve been doing pro bono work with called and said that he wanted to pay me for some of the work that I’ve been doing with them, and him and their marketing team were deeply appreciative of the knowledge, perspective and leadership I’ve been providing.