He Provides My Every Need

By Rebecca Ziramba

This summer, I hoped to acquire a part-time job in order to save some money in part for my tuition. In my search for employment, the Lord strengthened my trust in Him. As I sought a job, He filled me with confidence that if in His plan for me, He would provide the right job for me and if not, He would sustain and care for me. Indeed, despite an inability to acquire a summer job, He provided all I needed and has gifted me with much more than I anticipated. Recently I logged into my student email account expecting the usual updates from my professors. Instead I stumbled upon an email informing me I have been awarded a nearly $5000 academic scholarship I did not apply for. Combined with a previous scholarship the entirety of my tuition for this year has been covered. May the Lord be praised for His immeasurable goodness. For providing what we need, perhaps even in unexpected yet wonderful ways.