Our God is Mighty!

By Vince Viapiana

I’ve been battling with a back injury for a couple of years now.  My doctor suggested I go for an MRI.  The results indicated spinal bone cancer, low bone marrow signal and the markers were darker than normal.  Worry and anxiousness filled my heart and mind at first.  But our God is mighty!  I prayed to God and rebuked all cancer, sickness and disease from my body in JESUS NAME and declared that I will not worry about anything and instead, I will pray about everything!  The presence of God came upon me like I’ve never felt before and I was filled with great peace.  I was referred to a specialist who sent me for x-rays, more blood work and a bone scan with an injection of radiation.  All tests came back negative, normal and unremarkable.  PRAISE JESUS!  When chatting to the specialist, he thinks I have fibromyalgia which makes your body prone to pain due to stress.  As he was speaking, I was rebuking!  I have a follow up MRI in 6 months.  Please stand with me in prayer, for the MRI, the fibromyalgia and stress in my life.  Thank you Jesus!