Nothing Is Unimportant to God

By Jeanine Soligo

I was given a beautiful hand made cross stitch cover for a throw pillow for Christmas but there was one catch, it needed a backing and to be sewed together and I didn’t know how to do it. I went to Fabricland and wandered the upholstery sale aisle looking for fabric to match the colours in the cross stitch, I was totally overwhelmed by the choices. I said, “Holy Spirit, I need help. I don’t know what fabric to choose and what to do. Please show me what to do.” All of a sudden a sales lady approached me and asked me if I needed help. I showed her two fabrics I had been looking at. She picked out one and we headed to the sewing table. There was a lady there who admired the cross stitch. I said that yes it was beautiful, but I had no idea how to turn it into a pillow cover. She offered to do it for me. We exchanged numbers and I handed her the material. Two days later I received a text and a photo. The pillow was done! It was beautiful! When I tried to pay her she told me to give a donation to a charity instead. I now have a throw pillow in my home that is a constant reminder that when we need anything, all we have to do is ask God for help. Everything about us is important to Him. Whenever someone comments on the pillow, I have an opportunity to testify to the goodness and kindness of my God.