Nothing Is Impossible for Our God

By Andrew Ziramba

As the year began, the church received a prophetic word of expansion. I firmly believe that this expansion means an increase in every area of our lives as a family. As I share my testimony, I do hope that it will encourage us to keep depending on Jesus Christ even when the odds are stacked against us, because nothing is ever hard for Him. My journey to receive my degree was not an easy one, as it took longer than expected. Nonetheless, by the Grace of God, I finished with results beyond my own expectations. I soon realized that the length of time it took me to complete the degree was nothing compared to the unpredictable job market; especially when you are a recent graduate. However, with the LORD absolutely nothing is impossible! I recently applied for a position within the Government of Canada and received a response to participate in the assessment process. Within this process, I was repeatedly told that this assessment process is extremely competitive and usually takes a year and beyond. Additionally, I was doing this assessment process, competing against individuals who have more years of experience than me. I would be lying if I said discouragement and doubt did not start creeping in. But our God is faithful to His promises; He is always with us in all we do! I got through all phases of the assessment process and within three weeks of this whole process, I received a call with an offer! Our God is so good, as He does that which seems impossible to our one-dimensional perspective. We give all the glory and praise to Jesus Christ and thank all who have been praying.