How Great is our God!

By Tiernay Family

When the COVID-related hoarding madness first started, we checked on our next door neighbour, Kayla, to ensure she and her boys were doing OK and had everything they needed. She mentioned she had gone grocery shopping and there was no meat left on the shelves. She had also been unable to find children’s Tylenol and asked if we could look for some next time we shop.
On the following Monday, Allan took an early trip to the local Shoppers’ and No Frills, where he was able to find most of what was on our list, along with what Kayla was missing. When dropping the items off, she shared that she was quite concerned because she had just put an offer on a new house and hers was supposed to go on the market in a few days. She asked Allan if he would not mind praying for her. (side note: Kayla is a Buddhist…)  Well… Because Allan never misses an opportunity to witness, he not only prayed for her, but presented the whole message of salvation and invited her to call onto God for herself, that He would reveal who He is to her. He also promised we would continue to pray and he plead the blood of Jesus over her house, so no visitor would put her family at risk.  As the story went on… Kayla’s house was staged on Tuesday, put on the market sometime on Wednesday, with visits starting on Thursday, and marked as SOLD early on Friday morning!!!  We called to cheer with her as soon as we saw the sign, and were delighted to hear that she was giving God all the glory for the sale. In fact, when her real estate agent marvelled that it sold so quickly, she told him it happened because her neighbour and her best friend’s mom were praying. (Another amazing fact: not only did her house sell in just one day, it also sold for $15,000 over asking price!)  On Saturday, she was sitting on her porch when Nathaniel went out for some fresh air. They started chatting about what God had done for her and she was filled with gratitude. How great is our God!