March 2021

God Brings Healing so we can Live Life to the Fullest!

I have had Type 1 Diabetes since I was 8 years old.  When I was 18, having not really looked after myself for a few years, the doctors told me that my kidneys were irreparably damaged and if I looked after myself, I could delay a transplant for 10 years.  That was 31 years ago!  I went for my annual medical in January and my kidney function is normal!  In addition, when I went through all of the test results with the doctor, her comment was ‘some of these results just should not be possible for someone who has had Type 1 diabetes as long as you have’.  Thank you Lord that you heal every day.  The devil wants us to believe that it is not possible, that when the doctors say it can’t be done we must resign ourselves to that.  But Jesus!  God brings healing so we can live life to the fullest and so we have a testimony to declare in the face of the devil to tell him he is a liar!

Dominic Leadsom
January 2021

The Word Became Alive!

Thank you Bridge family for praying for me and my family.  Thank you to Dom and Ali for their ernest prayers on my healing and for results of my CT Scan and the dreaded treatment plan that might follow.  Their powerful prayers immediately calmed and soothed my fears.  I took Ali’s advice ‘to be in the Word of the Lord’.  So literally I did, for hours and hours.  Funny things began to happen… the words came ALIVE and became TRUTH.  A deep transformation happened.  My body filled with the Holy Spirit and my heart with joy.  On the day of the report, I was told my treatment plan had changed to something more tolerable.  JESUS MOVED A MOUNTAIN for little ole me.  Thank you Jesus!  A new life in Christ’s word is the best gift this Christmas and New Year!

Lushea Simone
July 2020

Our God is Mighty!

I’ve been battling with a back injury for a couple of years now.  My doctor suggested I go for an MRI.  The results indicated spinal bone cancer, low bone marrow signal and the markers were darker than normal.  Worry and anxiousness filled my heart and mind at first.  But our God is mighty!  I prayed to God and rebuked all cancer, sickness and disease from my body in JESUS NAME and declared that I will not worry about anything and instead, I will pray about everything!  The presence of God came upon me like I’ve never felt before and I was filled with great peace.  I was referred to a specialist who sent me for x-rays, more blood work and a bone scan with an injection of radiation.  All tests came back negative, normal and unremarkable.  PRAISE JESUS!  When chatting to the specialist, he thinks I have fibromyalgia which makes your body prone to pain due to stress.  As he was speaking, I was rebuking!  I have a follow up MRI in 6 months.  Please stand with me in prayer, for the MRI, the fibromyalgia and stress in my life.  Thank you Jesus!

Vince Viapiana
January 2020

Truly A Miracle!

On Christmas Eve, doctors told us the words that no family is ever prepared to hear: “This child has irreversible brain damage; he won’t see, hear, speak or learn; he will never be able to engage with the world; all that makes him who he is- is gone; you will need to make a quality of life decision over the next few days.”

That was the painful message we were given just 5 weeks ago about our grandson Daniel.  Within a few hours, there were prayer warriors praying for Daniel’s full recovery in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.  Within a few days, there were people praying for him in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. Daniel soon showed doctors that he could breathe on his own without the ventilator.  Then he showed them that he remembered how to suck and how to swallow- so out came the feeding tube!

Daniel was discharged from the hospital after 3 weeks. He smiles.  He coos. He responds to sounds. He is able to see with his left eye, and his right eye is expected to improve.  Daniel’s recovery is truly a miracle.  The Bridge family has walked with us on the journey and we are so grateful for your prayers and your love.  To God be the glory!

Ralph & Allyson Kofler
October 2019

Our God loves to heal!

Thanksgiving Sunday we had dinner at my sisters.  One of those invited was a 93-year-old former neighbour.  As we were talking about the importance of staying active, she showed me her hand and said that when she opened and closed the third finger on her right hand, it was excruciatingly painful.  I took her hand between mine and said let’s pray.  I prayed.  After I prayed, I was showing her an exercise to keep her hands mobile that involved touching your fingers to your thumb.  All of a sudden, she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said, “It doesn’t hurt.”  I confess that at first, I didn’t understand because I didn’t expect such a quick answer to prayer.  I replied, “What doesn’t hurt?”  “My finger.” she answered.  She was overcome.  We both grinned at each other and thanked Jesus.  I phoned her on Friday to see how her finger was.  She said that it wasn’t completely pain free, but it was so much better.  We prayed again and I asked her to let me know when Jesus finished the healing He had begun because He always finishes what He starts.  Our God is a kind and compassionate God.  Our God loves to heal!

Jeanine Soligo
October 2019

You are our Healer!

At the gym on Tuesday, an older woman came into our Pilates class limping badly.  She is in great shape and very athletic.  When we asked her what had happened, she said she didn’t know but she had been in pain for several days.  She has been training for a marathon.  When class was finished, I explained that Jesus still heals and asked her if I could pray for her.  She said yes!  As I prayed, her eyes filled with tears.  When I finished, she said that no one had ever done that for her before.  She thanked me and I told her to test it out and expect to see a difference.  I went to get changed and when I was walking to my car, I saw her ahead of me.  I asked her how she felt now.  And she looked surprised and said that it felt better.  She couldn’t believe it and repeated that it felt fine.  I told her to say, “Thank you Jesus” and she did.  We had class again Friday and when I asked her how she was, she first gave me the standard “fine” but then she remembered her foot and with a big smile said “Oh I’m great.  Yes I am all better.”  Thank you Jesus that You are the same today, yesterday and forever.  You are our Healer!

Jeanine Soligo