Healing Through Love

By Monica Viapiana

I want to take this moment to say thank you to all for your prayers. How touched I was to know the moment my husband reached out to the elders how quickly family came together to pray all week.

As many may know already 9 years ago I had a heart attack where 5 stents were implanted in my right artery, then again on Jan 2015 I had another heart attack and a 6th stent was implanted again.

Jan 2017 I found myself being rushed back to the hospital wondering what had gone wrong now, this time the left artery dissected however Doctors did not want to take the chance and add more stents as it was more evasive and within the branches of the artery. They decided to treat the situation with 4 days of Heprin and will be on continuous blood thinner for now as they say in time they found in some the artery heals.

Two years ago I was angry to what had happened, I realized I will not live how I did back then. As I laid in bed and tried to make sense of all this, Jeanine came to visit and had me listen to a song “resurrecting” and I began to see all the moments Jesus was there each time I was in the hospital. He showed me through the support and prayers of family, to the doctor rushing in not to help the other doctor first but to come to me and tell me everything is going to be ok, to where he stood during my angiogram. As I saw that, He said I will never leave you nor forsake you. During that week, I felt God kept saying love, and I began to understand that healing comes with Love. The greatest commandment in the bible is based on LOVE. HE showed me the blood flowing in arteries and I believe the blood is Jesus flowing in us providing that love to bring healing to our hearts and to our bodies. The less angry, regretful and unforgivable we live the more God will pour out love so that we can heal and share that love to others. Its not an easy task but every time I start to feel something I turn around and I start focusing on Jesus.

I have a long road ahead but I believe this time I am going to endure it side by side with my King never losing my focus and seeing what he has for me at the end of it all. Again my husband and family thank you and will be keeping the elders posted on the next few months of progress.