Healing in the Workplace

By Kaylon Warner

It was about a month ago, a co-op student from work was in back pain. He was on my heart as I was aware of this, seeing him leaning on different store fixtures, for relief from the pain. So I asked “Can I pray for you that God would heal your back? Do you believe that God can heal you?” He said yes, believing God can heal, and yes for me to pray for him. Before he left his shift, he said his back pain went from a 8, being painful, to a 5, being not as painful. The next day he came in and eventually on the shift I asked him how do he was feeling today? He said fine. I said what number – he said 0. No pain – I was excited!! I asked if he had any pain relief aside from prayer. He said no. So I said “See that must be the power of God” He was very relaxed and nonchalant about the healing. Not me, I was excited! He is still walking around fine to this day with no pain. Jesus is the Healer. I am believing God will not let this situation go and use this as one of many things to remind him of needing to be saved.