He Made A Way

By Michelle Thevasagayam

God has been so gracious and faithful, He worked everything out in a way only He could. I’ve been praying and asking God whether I should pursue my passion to teach English abroad. After months of prayer and a lot of research, I started applying for teaching jobs in other countries. After about a month of no call backs or emails, I was heartbroken. Was I actually supposed to go? I kept applying to positions in faith. Eventually I was able to interview for 3 different schools. But, each of those positions were filled by other teachers. I prayed and asked God : “Lord, if You want me to go, open the doors I should walk through and close the ones I shouldn’t”. And would you believe, God opened a door the very next day? The recruiter emailed saying a school was interested for an interview and afterwards offered me a job! And to top it off, this job is located in the city I wanted to go to. There is really no way this could have happened. But God! So I ask, Bridge family, please keep me in your prayers as I live and work for a year in Daegu, South Korea. All of this could not have happened except for the grace of God, and I give Him all the glory, honour and praise.