He is a Good Father in the Miracle business!

By Trudy Cooke

On October 28, 2018 there was a Word of Knowledge at church about heart problems.  I felt prompted by the spirit to respond to the Word of the Lord and went up for prayer as I had several weeks of tests behind me.  During September and October I went through 7.5 hours in hospital emergency, 2 blood tests 4 hours apart, 2 EKGs, 1 chest x-ray, another 4 hours of tests, Cariolite test and echo-cardiogram for 4 hours.  On November 1, 2018 I saw my Heart Specialist and got a clear bill of health.  PRAISE THE LORD!

Thank you everyone who prayed for me during this time of trials and tribulation.  He is a Good Father and likes to work Miracles.