God Watches Over Us

By Krishni Attapattu

My testimony is about an accident that occurred on Sunday July 26th.

On my way home from church service, I came to an intersection with a very clear red light for me. My mind just blanked out – a condition which I’ve been experiencing recently due to extreme levels of stress in my life the past few months. I completely missed the red light and went straight into oncoming traffic. It was not an amber light turning to red, it was a clear red for me, green the other way and I went head on into the opposite flow of traffic.

The situation could have been so bad, but I believe with all my heart that God was protecting me in that moment, and in fact he was even using that moment to send me a very clear message. I saw his love in three ways during that accident:

  1. For an accident of this nature, where I went head on into oncoming traffic, I was so blessed that not a single person was injured. I was fine, the lady in the other car was fine, and all we experienced was some damage to both cars. Fortunately neither one of us had our kids in the car, and no one was physically hurt in the accident. For an accident like this, the minimal damage to the cars and no physical injuries to anyone was a miracle.
  2. The day the accident occurred, I happened to be driving my brother in laws SUV. Two days before the accident (on Friday evening) the battery on my car died, of all places while I was sitting in a parking lot praying. My brother in law very generously gave me his second vehicle for the weekend. He was so understanding about the accident, and in fact when he came over after the accident and took a look at his vehicle this is what he said to me: “it’s a good thing you were driving my SUV and not your car because if this had been your car the damage would have been so much worse and the air bag would have definitely activated”. While I was busy being frustrated by the situation of my own car battery dying, little did I realize that God was protecting me by placing me in a bigger, stronger vehicle that weekend.
  3. This third aspect of my story is probably the most amazing part. Of the 155,000+ people in Ajax that I could have potentially got into this accident with, I happened to get into an accident with one of the kindest, nicest people that I have ever met in my life. Someone could have been really nasty to me about this whole situation because it was entirely my fault. But I just happened to get into this accident with such a loving and kind person. Here’s how she reacted. She told me not to worry, that God was protecting us and that even when we don’t realize it God has wonderful plans for us. I’m standing there on the side of the road crying and here’s this lovely lady very calmly telling me about the love of God. Little did she know that those words meant way more to me than just as a reflection of that particular accident. To this day, two weeks after the accident, she still continues to call me and send me daily text messages to tell me that God loves me.

So here’s what I’ve learnt. No matter how dark the day (or season), God is always working for our good in every moment of every day, and he will always find a way (or find three ways in my case!) to show us how much he loves us.