God Still Directs Weather

By Joanne Pires

I had a major film shoot for work, that we put a lot of resources (money and people) towards. We were filming at three different locations, two of them outside. The night before the shoot, the weather reports said that there would be an 80% chance of rain and we started discussing calling off the shoot. Rain and wind are the two things that make it unsafe to do drone flights.

Due to budget constraints (I wouldn’t be getting any extra budget to reschedule), canceling wasn’t an option. So I told the team that we would do the best we could given the circumstances and try to steal a moment here and there if the rain let up. So I started the pray and ask the Lord for favourable weather for when we were at the outdoor locations, so we could get all the footage we needed.

I woke up the next day and saw that it was cloudy, but could see a little sun poking through. I checked our work Slack group and saw that our flight operations team hadn’t called off the shoot because of the weather. I drove up to the first location (about an hour outside of Toronto) and prayed the whole way up. The skies were overcast, but there was a little blue. Thank you Jesus! We managed to film everything we needed at the first location and no sign of rain and very little wind for the full 2 hours that we were scheduled to be there.

As soon as we exited the driveway, the rain came down in full force. We then drove to the second location and it rained the whole time. As soon as the whole team arrived, the skies cleared up and we even got a little bit of sun.

Throughout the entire shoot, the team was astounded that the rain was held off exactly when we needed. Thank you Jesus for caring about this marketer’s request for no rain and wind, and making it easy for me to do my job.