God Said Wait

By Amy Leadsom

As a lot of you know, it’s my dream to become a Veterinarian. Summer is the perfect opportunity for hopeful students like me to get as much animal experience as we can for our application without worrying about school taking all our time. Last summer I didn’t work at all because of Covid, but I was able to volunteer at a vet clinic which I’m so grateful for. I knew I needed a full time job this summer and my goal was to work in the animal field so I could gain experience and also make money. I started applying to places in February/March for when I came home in April. I got an interview early on at a vet clinic but I didn’t get the job because of my lack of experience. I kept my head up and kept applying to anywhere and everywhere, even if the commute was far. All I got was “Not selected.”  In total I got 26 rejections, all because they were looking for someone with more experience. This is when I started to lose hope in God that He would provide for me. I also started to lose hope in my dream of becoming a Veterinarian, I thought maybe all of these rejections were a sign I shouldn’t be doing this. I had also just found out that I needed to retake one of my courses during the summer because I didn’t pass. That was almost confirmation for me that I’m not supposed to be doing this. However, instead of making these huge assumptions about my future based on what I was feeling in that moment, I decided to pray and ask God what I should be doing. I had been putting it off because I was afraid of what He might say. I sat down and I prayed, and I waited and I listened. And then I got this picture of being on this spiral that was spinning really really fast and out of control, but then it just slowed down and suddenly I became one of those ballerinas in the jewelry box and was dancing on this spiral and it was really beautiful. I felt like God was telling me that when I don’t trust Him and try to do things in my own strength I spin out of control, but when I let go and let God, I slow down and begin to do all the beautiful things He has called me to do. That picture was exactly what I needed, I knew then that God was teaching me to trust in Him through all the uncertainty and believe that His plan for me is good. So I began to do that. I was encouraged by people to just apply to jobs or accept jobs that weren’t in the animal field, and I turned down a job because I knew that God was going to provide. I kept applying to places and I got an interview at a vet clinic for the role of Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist. I went in and talked to the Veterinarian, he asked me if I wanted to become a Vet and I said yes, he then said you will become one and I’m going to help you. The next day I started volunteering there and just over a week later I was hired full time. God is so good and He provided for me when I lost hope that He would.