God is in Control

By Peter Phelps

Back in January 2017 I was reviewing my financial situation. I realized that my consumer proposal debt would end soon. Then I could start to save for a new car. Mine was 10 years old and had 200,000km on it. I was hoping it would last 2 years as I save for another. Feb 27th, debt paid in full and for the first time in 52 years, I am out of debt! On March 11th I had an accident, which was the other drivers fault, and my insurance company wrote off my car. I struggled, with no money and bad credit, to understand how I could get a new car. My insurance company gave me an incredible settlement. This allowed me to put down a large sum for a deposit.  This time my debt is different – with Jesus guiding me, my debt is not controlling me. God knew the end result. Do It Again, Lord!