God Carries Us Through!

By Donna Cook

The first 6 weeks of 2019 has been a whirlwind for our family.  We certainly have an awesome God who got us through!  Gaelen’s thesis film was to be filmed at our home for 1 week plus other off-site locations.  However, 1 week turned into 3 plus weeks.  Everything that could go wrong did.  We had snow, ice, mud, equipment failure, damaged props (especially a damaged 6ft alien), 3 medical emergencies with 1 being a 911 response and our furnace ‘conked out’ with 30 to 35 people living at our home.  Since it was a student film, we wanted to help save money so I said I would cater!  Silly idea …. due to numerous allergies, kids on set and we must follow ACTRA guidelines.  Plus I tutored the children on set … such a challenge due to filming delays.  Among all the chaos, when Dave wasn’t ‘chauffeuring’ actors and crew, he was car shopping (due to a car accident) and on Round 7 for the same job opportunity!  Our New Year’s prayer was for Dave to land a job and that the people coming into our home would feel loved and the presence of God.  Everyone couldn’t believe how much they felt like family.  So much so, that when we came home, we had ‘Goldilocks’ sleeping in the movie set bed!  It was the producer!  We want to thank our Bridge Family (which will be in the film credits) for their love, prayers, encouragement and support.  We are happy to say filming finished last week, Dave got the job, and Dave picked up his NEW Ford yesterday.  We can make and movie about making a movie!  God is AMAZING and we give Him ALL THE GLORY!