God Cares About Us!

By Peter Phelps

In today’s sermon Mark mentioned the words of a Larry Norman song “I Wish We Had All Been Ready”

I knew the words, but couldn’t figure out what the song was.

So, I went and searched “Youtube” and found the song, however, I knew it more from DC Talk and never knew Larry Norman wrote it.

My point is this.

I have been doing my shoe boxes for many years, but the one thing missing was being able to see the faces on the kids face when they open them up.

That has always left me sad, and at times I feel like the enemy hits me up with discouragement.

Well; back to Larry Norman.

When I clicked on the song, I got the standard commercial interruption.

Boy was this one a joyful interruption. A Samaritan’s Purse video showing the kids opening their boxes and seeing the joy on their faces left me with tears in my eyes.

I watched the full 3:28 video and still have tears in my eyes as I try to type this email to you.

They also talked about the full process of the shoebox campaign, incredible work they do.


Lord thank you for today’s message.

Thank you for the joy that some obscure song reference, brings to my heart.

Thank you Lord, for showing me, that you are a caring Father and gives us the desires of our hearts.