God Brings Healing so we can Live Life to the Fullest!

By Dominic Leadsom

I have had Type 1 Diabetes since I was 8 years old.  When I was 18, having not really looked after myself for a few years, the doctors told me that my kidneys were irreparably damaged and if I looked after myself, I could delay a transplant for 10 years.  That was 31 years ago!  I went for my annual medical in January and my kidney function is normal!  In addition, when I went through all of the test results with the doctor, her comment was ‘some of these results just should not be possible for someone who has had Type 1 diabetes as long as you have’.  Thank you Lord that you heal every day.  The devil wants us to believe that it is not possible, that when the doctors say it can’t be done we must resign ourselves to that.  But Jesus!  God brings healing so we can live life to the fullest and so we have a testimony to declare in the face of the devil to tell him he is a liar!