Testimonies: Encounter

January 2019

God had a plan

I was planning to go for work to Brazil and God had a plan to use me for His work.  It all happened when I asked my colleague if I could join him for his Church meeting where he asked me to share my testimony and I agreed.  It was His plan and then from Monday to Saturday from 6pm to 1am God was touching and healing and freeing His people.  All I had to do was share His Word in a simple way so the people could receive Him.  As I said, I was just a tool in the Masters hand.  People were saved, came out from anxiety, depression, prostitution and healing and many more.  Praise Him!  On the last day we went into the more remote areas and served food for the little children.  Overall it was a Blessings and here are the 2 lessons God showed me:

  1.  Make yourself available and God will use you for His glory
  2.  If you empty yourselves then is when God can fill you with His spirit and take His Word to the ends and depth of the world.
Pradeep Thirukumaran
May 2017

God is Amazing & Faithful

On Thursday, May 11th, I got a call to tell me that my 12yr old cousin Luc was in surgery. He collapsed at school and they suspected that he had had a brain aneurysm. I immediately called Bridget and asked her to pray. I wanted as many people praying for him as possible, as soon as possible. I have since found out that Luc has a malformation of the vessels in his brain, so it was more a bleed than a burst. This Thursday, May 18th, he was woken up from his induced coma. He is responding coherently and moving both sides of his boy. He is making exceptional progress! One of the first things he told his parents is that he saw an angel!!! One of the very next things was that he wanted his phone, so he could listen to music, kids today… God is amazing and faithful and I wanted to lift up His name with this amazing testimony of his goodness. From Luc’s family to the leadership at The Bridge, thank you so much for your prayers.

Caroline Holland
May 2016

Sharing God’s Love

Okay Lord, We have 2 hours and a pocket full of change. Who can we love on? After some moments in worship, He showed us an elderly lady at the mall in the food court, sitting by herself, the colour blue and some words of encouragement. Thank you Lord. To the mall. And that is where we met Ruth: a lady in her late eighty’s that was sitting by herself in the food court, dressed in blue. Utilizing the gospel according to Tim Hortons, we sat next to her and shared the love of Christ. Praise the Lord!

Ken Tuttle
May 2016

Holy Spirit Adventures

Jeison and Ken went out to the mall – only had 30 minutes. God had shown us to look for someone wearing pink and a person with a leg problem. We met a lady, whose granddaughter was wearing pink, who had recently had knee surgery. Her son was with her. We got to tell them how much God loved them and prayed for complete healing for her new knee.

Ken Tuttle