Blessing upon Blessing

By Chad Parkes

At the end of November, due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to start looking for another automotive apprentice job.  Over Christmas no one was hiring and by February, I was feeling quite despondent.  I sent my resume out many times with no success.  One thing kept me encouraged … I knew God had not forgotten me and that His timing would be right.  I prayed for a job where the environment would be joyful, honest and encouraging.  On February 9, a pastor from Southside sent my mom a message that a family in their church who owned a Car Dealership was looking for an apprentice.  I had an interview the next day and got the job!  God has not only given me a job where everyone is friendly, honest and encouraging, He has placed me in a job where they have morning prayer meetings for the staff.  God has given me more blessings than I could have asked for.  I am grateful for His favour upon my life.