God is My Healer

By Chan Parkes

God get’s all the Glory!!! 25 August 2017 I injured my shoulder and collarbone. All the ligaments were pulled so badly that my collarbone was hanging like a swing. I had muscle and tissue damage and was in the worst pain ever. I literally cried a few times a day for nearly 7 weeks. Recently, Keir and Callie Tayler came to minister at our church. On the Thurs evening I went into service and wrote at the top of my notes, ‘God is going to heal me tonight!’ I was expectant! Keir shared how we have authority to claim wholeness over our bodies. Jesus has already died for our sickness and sins. I went up for prayer and God healed me!!! Taking off my sling and all the strapping that had literally been holding things together, was a huge step of faith. I no longer have pain and am living life to the fullest. Sharing my healing with others the past 2 weeks has been so amazing!!!! I visited my physiotherapist to cancel all my pre booked appointments, God received all the glory with screams of delight!!! I have cancelled my MRI and an appointment with the Shoulder Specialist!!! God is more than good!!!! I AM HEALED!!!!