Embracing The New Year | Posted by Bridget

HAPPY NEW YEAR DARLING BRIDGE FAMILY!!! I’m asking you to join me as we say “GOOD BYE” to the “old”, and say “YES” to EMBRACING the NEW YEAR!!! So we get to choose… do we throw away all the lessons learnt in 2020?   OR… do we thank our Lord Jesus for bringing us through it,…

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COVID Can’t Steal Christmas | Posted by Jeanine

Christmas 2020 will certainly look different from the previous years.  Many people will not be with immediate or extended family.  Big, elaborate dinners will be reduced to smaller intimate meals.  For many, there may be few presents under the tree or perhaps, no tree at all.  Yet this is where we have the opportunity, as Christians, to find out…

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Choose Joy | Posted by Jes

Why is it so easy to dwell on the negative? The things in life that are not going well or turning out as we hoped. The bad weather, the promotion that never happened, the person that cut us off this morning on our way to work. Whether big or small it seems like our brains…

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