Secrets of the Psalmists

Greg Haswell

Discover the secrets of the psalmist as Greg through his teaching unpacks several psalms, their meanings and teaches us how we can write our own.
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Salvation Brochure

The Bridge – Church For all Nations

Newly saved? Welcome to the family of God! We are celebrating with you as being this journey with Jesus. Do you want to know more about what salvation means? Have questions about water baptism or the Holy Spirit? We hope this resource will be a helpful place to start answering some of those questions. Feel free to reach out to us at info@thebridge-can.com if you want to know more. .


Christ Centered Church

Tyrone Daniel

The greatest privilege a believer has is to know Jesus Christ. This is our life’s greatest pursuit. This is our greatest joy. And our greatest goal is to bring glory to Jesus. As you look through scripture, which is the basis of everything we believe, you realize very quickly that Jesus is the central theme right from Genesis to Revelation. If we claim to be Bible-based then we need to emphasize what the Bible emphasizes, and that is Jesus Christ. It’s not enough to just have a feeling and heart for being Christ-Centered, but there needs to be fruit that proves we’re following Christ.
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What to Expect

Return to Building

Wondering what to expect as we return to the building? Have questions about what on-site church will look like? The “What to Expect & FAQs” resource will help to explain in detail what on-site Sunday Services will look like and answer your questions about service time, check in, online registration, social distancing, building sanitization and more.