At The Bridge we believe in the power of sharing about God’s goodness and faithfulness in our lives. We’d also love to hear your story – share with us below.

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Answered Prayer

Approximately 3 weeks ago someone set fire to the Catholic Church in Attawapiskat.  The fire was across the road from the hospital and the Nurse’s residence. The police were talking about evacuation, due to smoke.  So, a couple of us prayed together that the Lord would turn the wind away from the community and hospital… Read more

Yvonne Baird

God Cares About Us!

In today’s sermon Mark mentioned the words of a Larry Norman song “I Wish We Had All Been Ready” I knew the words, but couldn’t figure out what the song was. So, I went and searched “Youtube” and found the song, however, I knew it more from DC Talk and never knew Larry Norman wrote it. My… Read more

Peter Phelps

God Watches Over Us

My testimony is about an accident that occurred on Sunday July 26th. On my way home from church service, I came to an intersection with a very clear red light for me. My mind just blanked out – a condition which I’ve been experiencing recently due to extreme levels of stress in my life the… Read more

Krishni Attapattu


How Great is our God!

When the COVID-related hoarding madness first started, we checked on our next door neighbour, Kayla, to ensure she and her boys were doing OK and had everything they needed. She mentioned she had gone grocery shopping and there was no meat left on the shelves. She had also been unable to find children’s Tylenol and… Read more

Tiernay Family

God had a plan

I was planning to go for work to Brazil and God had a plan to use me for His work.  It all happened when I asked my colleague if I could join him for his Church meeting where he asked me to share my testimony and I agreed.  It was His plan and then from Monday to… Read more

Pradeep Thirukumaran

God is Amazing & Faithful

On Thursday, May 11th, I got a call to tell me that my 12yr old cousin Luc was in surgery. He collapsed at school and they suspected that he had had a brain aneurysm. I immediately called Bridget and asked her to pray. I wanted as many people praying for him as possible, as soon… Read more

Caroline Holland


Sharing God’s Love

Okay Lord, We have 2 hours and a pocket full of change. Who can we love on? After some moments in worship, He showed us an elderly lady at the mall in the food court, sitting by herself, the colour blue and some words of encouragement. Thank you Lord. To the mall. And that is… Read more

Ken Tuttle

Holy Spirit Adventures

Jeison and Ken went out to the mall – only had 30 minutes. God had shown us to look for someone wearing pink and a person with a leg problem. We met a lady, whose granddaughter was wearing pink, who had recently had knee surgery. Her son was with her. We got to tell them… Read more

Ken Tuttle

The Body of Christ working together!

I came to The Bridge church around 2015/2016 at one of possibly the lowest times of my life.  In March 2018 I weighed 107 pounds and I had different side effects from a diagnosis that I was resisting.  I went to a healing meeting in March and noticed in August I weighed 115-120 pounds.  By… Read more

Kaylon Warner

Marriage – A Gift From God

Marriage is a sacrament and a gift from God.  It certainly is hard work and has it’s “up and downs” (more “ups” for us) but God promises us to see us through the storms and embrace the love, joy, faith and the gift of children in our marriage.  After dating for 10 years as “high… Read more

Dave & Donna Cook

God can do ALL things!

To say that the past two months have been challenging and  trying for me would be an understatement. I had a migraine that persisted for 21 days. They termed it migrainosus, it was quite debilitating, and as a result I had not been able to attend school, or do much of anything. I had been… Read more

Abigail Samuel

God Brings Healing so we can Live Life to the Fullest!

I have had Type 1 Diabetes since I was 8 years old.  When I was 18, having not really looked after myself for a few years, the doctors told me that my kidneys were irreparably damaged and if I looked after myself, I could delay a transplant for 10 years.  That was 31 years ago! … Read more

Dominic Leadsom

The Word Became Alive!

Thank you Bridge family for praying for me and my family.  Thank you to Dom and Ali for their ernest prayers on my healing and for results of my CT Scan and the dreaded treatment plan that might follow.  Their powerful prayers immediately calmed and soothed my fears.  I took Ali’s advice ‘to be in… Read more

Lushea Simone


Our God is Mighty!

I’ve been battling with a back injury for a couple of years now.  My doctor suggested I go for an MRI.  The results indicated spinal bone cancer, low bone marrow signal and the markers were darker than normal.  Worry and anxiousness filled my heart and mind at first.  But our God is mighty!  I prayed… Read more

Vince Viapiana

Truly A Miracle!

On Christmas Eve, doctors told us the words that no family is ever prepared to hear: “This child has irreversible brain damage; he won’t see, hear, speak or learn; he will never be able to engage with the world; all that makes him who he is- is gone; you will need to make a quality… Read more

Ralph & Allyson Kofler

Our God loves to heal!

Thanksgiving Sunday we had dinner at my sisters.  One of those invited was a 93-year-old former neighbour.  As we were talking about the importance of staying active, she showed me her hand and said that when she opened and closed the third finger on her right hand, it was excruciatingly painful.  I took her hand… Read more

Jeanine Soligo


You are our Healer!

At the gym on Tuesday, an older woman came into our Pilates class limping badly.  She is in great shape and very athletic.  When we asked her what had happened, she said she didn’t know but she had been in pain for several days.  She has been training for a marathon.  When class was finished,… Read more

Jeanine Soligo

Jesus Leads

“Jesus leads, the devil drives” is something I have heard many times. About 18 months ago, I asked the Lord for help as I felt that I had always been very driven plus I was driving my loved ones especially in a controlling fashion. Jesus helped me understand what He was saying in Matthew 11:30:… Read more

Rasu Rosario


Thank you all for praying for Abishek.  As most of you may know, we have been praying for his healing.  We came to know that he has a cyst in his spleen last summer.  It ruptured and he was in great pain.  We were waiting for surgery but God had another plan.  He directed us… Read more

Mathana Bhuvanaratnam


Miracles happen every second!

“We’re sorry, we have bad news for you.  The cancer has spread to 3 areas.”  These were the words that the doctors had told my mom as she lay on her hospital bed with my Dad by her side 3 Sundays ago. The doctors had done the PET scan for the bones and had suggested… Read more

Swapna Samuel

He is a Good Father in the Miracle business!

On October 28, 2018 there was a Word of Knowledge at church about heart problems.  I felt prompted by the spirit to respond to the Word of the Lord and went up for prayer as I had several weeks of tests behind me.  During September and October I went through 7.5 hours in hospital emergency,… Read more

Trudy Cooke

3 Testimonies in 1

Over the last year, I have been struggling with a couple of issues and for the past 4 months, they haven’t been an issue. For the past 2 years, I’ve been having back and hip problems.  A couple of weeks ago I came up for prayer and God has been healing me.  Almost 100%! God… Read more

Vince Viapiana


Connecting with God

In December 2017, I got sick. I was confused, worried, bewildered, weak.  I saw the doctor, I received prayer but I still had this nagging feeling that something was not quite right. Jesus reminded me of the work I had done in my career to find out the root cause of equipment failing, processes not… Read more

Rasu Rosario

Praise Jesus

Today at church there was a word of knowledge for a wrist injury that happened at work. The ligament in my wrist tore two years ago at work, and it has never been the same since. Lately, I have been declaring that I stand in the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and I will… Read more

Jodi Bertrand

My Healer

I have been suffering with neck pain for the last 2-3 weeks.  It comes and goes.  I woke up this morning in so much pain I felt like just rolling over and standing in bed.  But I trusted the Lord and got up, started to praise Him and got dressed to come to prayer.  When… Read more

Savey Jarvis


He Cares About the Simplest Things

On January 24th I did some dumbbell exercises at the gym and felt great. Later that night I could not lift my right arm. Later that night I went to the prayer training time. I went up for prayer and was able to lift my arm afterwards. I praise the Lord that He loves me… Read more

Yvonne Baird

God is My Healer

God get’s all the Glory!!! 25 August 2017 I injured my shoulder and collarbone. All the ligaments were pulled so badly that my collarbone was hanging like a swing. I had muscle and tissue damage and was in the worst pain ever. I literally cried a few times a day for nearly 7 weeks. Recently,… Read more

Chan Parkes

My Protector

This passed Tuesday, I was climbing the school rock wall at recess and I lost my grip and fell 6 or 7 feet down. My body fell on the wood chips and my head hit the concrete. I want to praise and thank God for protecting me. My injuries could have been a lot worse… Read more

Abigail Samuel


God is Awesome!

As some of you may be aware, I had a challenging summer with an infected toe. The infection was progressing as I’m type 1 Diabetic so there was a chance I could lose my toe. With intensive IV therapy, home nursing care and surgery, but most of all PRAYER and healing PRAYER from the Elders… Read more

Donna Cook

God is Amazing & Faithful

On Thursday, May 11th, I got a call to tell me that my 12yr old cousin Luc was in surgery. He collapsed at school and they suspected that he had had a brain aneurysm. I immediately called Bridget and asked her to pray. I wanted as many people praying for him as possible, as soon… Read more

Caroline Holland

Healing in the Workplace

It was about a month ago, a co-op student from work was in back pain. He was on my heart as I was aware of this, seeing him leaning on different store fixtures, for relief from the pain. So I asked “Can I pray for you that God would heal your back? Do you believe that… Read more

Kaylon Warner


He Hears Our Cry

I have a problem with my knees in which they dislocate every now and then. When this happens I will quickly attempt to shift whichever knee cap has moved back into place (which can be uncomfortable and painful). One evening this past week while resting (laying on my stomach) my knee dislocated and it was… Read more

Rebecca Ziramba

God, Our Healer

Growing up I battled with severe eczema and stomach pains. Through the Lords leading, 6 years ago I removed gluten from my diet. This was an answer to prayer as it drastically cleared my skin reactions and eliminated the stomach pain. A few years ago God started to renew a hope in me to be… Read more

Sharai Viapiana

Healing Through Love

I want to take this moment to say thank you to all for your prayers. How touched I was to know the moment my husband reached out to the elders how quickly family came together to pray all week. As many may know already 9 years ago I had a heart attack where 5 stents… Read more

Monica Viapiana


Trusting God as we go “All In”

Almost a year ago, God stirred in my heart that a change was needed in my job situation.  When the world had seemingly been turned upside down, it was a scary thought to move on from the security of my job.  Though we had no idea what lay ahead, we prayed and felt God’s nudge… Read more

Sharai Viapiana

God Said Wait

As a lot of you know, it’s my dream to become a Veterinarian. Summer is the perfect opportunity for hopeful students like me to get as much animal experience as we can for our application without worrying about school taking all our time. Last summer I didn’t work at all because of Covid, but I… Read more

Amy Leadsom

Provision Above & Beyond

At the end of last year, the start-up I worked at went through a pretty big transition (my boss was let go, I got demoted, was denied an increment, and a lot of people left the company). I started looking for a new job immediately and took on a couple of side projects to strengthen… Read more

Joanne Pires


The preparation of the horses, the battle and the victory

In the past few years I was looking for new opportunities with my work as I have been in the current company for fifteen years serving in various roles and could not grow further. I took it to the Lord in prayer and He spoke to me and wanted to prepare the horses as the… Read more

Pradeep Thirukumaran

Unexpected Blessing

Last Sunday my daughter and I received an anonymous Christmas card with a significant amount of money inside of it! Being Christmas time, this money is much appreciated and I never Even imagined it was coming when I woke up Sunday morning. I choked back tears of gratitude and shear wonder at what the Lord… Read more

Karli Pimm

God’s Provision

Since being laid-off from Xerox Canada almost 4 years ago, I had lost hope and all self confidence in finding a job where my personality and skills could be used. About 3 weeks ago the assistant to the boss whom laid me off last March 2020 due to COVID, called saying I could return to… Read more

Dina Davidson


The Little Things That Matter To Us…

The past couple of weeks had been tough and by the end of the school week, I knew I was tired and worn out. Friday morning I thought to myself, “I wish I could treat us to something different for lunch and not have to cook it.” We’d been eating the same sort of meals… Read more

Leilani Kunanesam

God Still Directs Weather

I had a major film shoot for work, that we put a lot of resources (money and people) towards. We were filming at three different locations, two of them outside. The night before the shoot, the weather reports said that there would be an 80% chance of rain and we started discussing calling off the… Read more

Joanne Pires

Blessing upon Blessing

At the end of November, due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to start looking for another automotive apprentice job.  Over Christmas no one was hiring and by February, I was feeling quite despondent.  I sent my resume out many times with no success.  One thing kept me encouraged … I knew God had not forgotten… Read more

Chad Parkes


God is our Vindicator

Approximately 5 weeks ago, I was falsely accused at work, which led to my suspension until further investigation.  I was called into work 3 weeks later to speak to my boss.  The person who accused me had a video of me and of our 2nd interaction.  My boss told me that he will be bringing… Read more

Vince Viapiana

Prayer is Powerful

In May this year I applied for a Senior Investigator position at the Ontario Securities Commission which was a perfect role for my skill-set.  I went through two vigorous interview panels only to find out in the summer that I was not going to get the position.  I was really upset as I thought this… Read more

Trevor Parkes

God has Good Plans!

We would love to share a testimony for our family. We are new immigrants and arrived in Canada on September 12th.  When we came here, we didn’t have any friends, family or a job here. Our church pastor from India gave us Harry’s contact details two days before our travel.  Harry was the one who… Read more

Murugesh & Daisy Vellaiappan


Thriving in the Abundant Life

Our current sermon series on The Abundant Life made me once again that Jesus is the true vine that I cling to and receive from all that I need to not just survive but to THRIVE. I love this condition of being able to thrive in Him and from Him. It is comforting. What I… Read more

Rasu Rosario

Blessing in Obedience

A few months ago, the Lord asked me to bless this family with a significant sum of money.  I figured that obedience was the only plan of action, so I did what the Lord laid on my heart, even though it wasn’t convenient. A couple of weeks ago, at our quarterly update meeting, I was… Read more

Joanne Pires

God is always Good & On Time!

I have been looking for a full-time job for about a year and my contract job was ending in April.  While I have had only a few interviews, I  knew God would take care of the family. In March, out of nowhere, a job opportunity came up and progressed quickly.  I was offered the job! … Read more

Jey Jesuratnam


He Saw Me Through

I’ve gone back to school to turn my diploma into a degree and as hard as I thought it was going to be, it was much, much harder! Although I have been out of my element and it hasn’t been easy, the Lord has been with me and enabled me to do more than I… Read more

Karli Pimm

God Carries Us Through!

The first 6 weeks of 2019 has been a whirlwind for our family.  We certainly have an awesome God who got us through!  Gaelen’s thesis film was to be filmed at our home for 1 week plus other off-site locations.  However, 1 week turned into 3 plus weeks.  Everything that could go wrong did.  We… Read more

Donna Cook

Nothing Is Unimportant to God

I was given a beautiful hand made cross stitch cover for a throw pillow for Christmas but there was one catch, it needed a backing and to be sewed together and I didn’t know how to do it. I went to Fabricland and wandered the upholstery sale aisle looking for fabric to match the colours… Read more

Jeanine Soligo


God ALWAYS has a Plan!

The most exciting part of working in a start-up is that it tends to grow.  When I first joined the company, the founders were on the brink of shutting things down because the business wasn’t doing well.  This past year, the business grew by 44% organically, 22% of which was a direct result of the… Read more

Joanne Pires

God Provides and gives the Desires of our hearts

It has been a long journey for us as a family having given up a home nearly 5 years ago and moving to the other side of the world.  4 1/2 years ago it was prophesied over us that things were going to happen quickly.  We thought it would have to do with our Permanent… Read more

The Parkes Family

3 Testimonies in 1

Over the last year, I have been struggling with a couple of issues and for the past 4 months, they haven’t been an issue. For the past 2 years, I’ve been having back and hip problems.  A couple of weeks ago I came up for prayer and God has been healing me.  Almost 100%! God… Read more

Vince Viapiana


Nothing Is Impossible for Our God

As the year began, the church received a prophetic word of expansion. I firmly believe that this expansion means an increase in every area of our lives as a family. As I share my testimony, I do hope that it will encourage us to keep depending on Jesus Christ even when the odds are stacked… Read more

Andrew Ziramba

His Ways Are Always Better

January 1st, 2017, the Lord spoke to me that this year would be a year of change and I was to trust! January 31st, 2017 I got laid off from a job where I worked for more than 20 years. My confidence was stripped away. This gave to time to refresh some skills and spend… Read more

Dina Davidson

He Made A Way

God has been so gracious and faithful, He worked everything out in a way only He could. I’ve been praying and asking God whether I should pursue my passion to teach English abroad. After months of prayer and a lot of research, I started applying for teaching jobs in other countries. After about a month… Read more

Michelle Thevasagayam


God Strengthens Me

In June 2016, I was heading out of my apartment building when I was assaulted by a woman who lives in my building. She has been harassing me for over 3 years. She made false accusations against me that left me to defend myself in a court of law. As God’s child, I prayed and… Read more

Gaytri Narain

God, My Provider

Over the course of 2017 I’ve seen God work miracles as it pertains to my job. 1) God changed the hearts of my co-founders, which made working at the company much easier and it allowed me to do my job more successfully, because we weren’t butting heads anymore. 2) My department brought in half of… Read more

Joanne Pires

A God Who Changes Hearts

Over the summer I bought a new vehicle, so imagine my grief when my brand new car stalled in the middle of the street few weeks back. I had it towed to the dealership for them to look at and they told me that they couldn’t find anything wrong and they aren’t going to put… Read more

Joanne Pires


He Provides My Every Need

This summer, I hoped to acquire a part-time job in order to save some money in part for my tuition. In my search for employment, the Lord strengthened my trust in Him. As I sought a job, He filled me with confidence that if in His plan for me, He would provide the right job… Read more

Rebecca Ziramba


Two weeks ago we were asked to give testimonies from family camp. I hesitated because I felt right in the middle of everything – in the middle of processing, in the middle of walking it out, in the middle of it all. But I felt prompted to publicly declare that I came away from our… Read more

Amy Humphries

God Knows

As is often the case, when companies get acquired by larger ones, I found myself looking for a new job last year. It turned out to be far more difficult to find a new job than I had imagined. Many opportunities but nothing that was right in my wheel house and companies appear to be… Read more

Dave Cook


Debt Free!!!

About 3 years ago, at an Equip in Denver, someone was speaking into the area of personal finances/financial freedom. At the time, I was finishing up university and my almost $15000 student loans were heading into repayment. They were supposed to take 10 years to pay back and the idea of that weighed heavily on… Read more

Amy Humphries

God is in Control

Back in January 2017 I was reviewing my financial situation. I realized that my consumer proposal debt would end soon. Then I could start to save for a new car. Mine was 10 years old and had 200,000km on it. I was hoping it would last 2 years as I save for another. Feb 27th,… Read more

Peter Phelps

God’s Favour

After working for the bank on contract for 3 years, I am finally hired as full-time employee. In spite of the fact that the bank is going through re-organisation and lay-offs, I definitely feel that it is God’s gracious hand in my life to make this possible. Praise The Lord! Read more

Lai Nar Korbacher


He’s Our Provider

God is faithful! This Tuesday I start a full time job working at Farm Boy! Thank you God!! Read more

Ken Tuttle

Risking for Him!

God has spoken to the church this year about risk, about what we are willing to risk for him. For someone under the age of 40, changing jobs is probably no big deal. In many cases, it would be perceived as riskier to stay in the same job. For someone like me,, over the age… Read more

Allen Humphries

God’s Blessings

Back in January I was given a permanent position. At that time my boss said that she was pushing through a raise, as I did not qualify yet for the merit bonuses since I am just coming on as a permanent employee. Last Thursday I was given a letter that said I was getting a… Read more

Peter Phelps


God’s Goodness Never Ends

My testimony begins in July of 2015, when I was told by my new boss that my role at my company doesn’t exist and it looked like I was going to be out of a job in September. I went home that evening and immediately started looking for a new job. I found one that… Read more

Joanne Pires

He Takes Care of Every Detail

We received a quote for our flights back to South Africa in June for a 3 week holiday. We were short by $625. We agreed that the shortfall will be taken from my January paycheck and that we would have a tight month but, in faith, went ahead and confirmed with the travel agent to… Read more

Parkes Family

The Greatness of God

Tom’s car would not start this morning. We wanted to come to church and Savannah was out with our car. My husband kept trying to start the car by pushing it to jump start it all by himself. Finally I went in the car and was trying to jumpstart it while he was pushing it…. Read more

Savey Jarvis


God is always doing Great Things

This past December marked 5 years with my current employer. To God be the glory because with each passing year, without any instigation on my part, my boss has fought the corporate standards to ensure I get compensated for my work. This year was no different. Looking past at the last 5 years, God’s favour… Read more

Sharai Viapiana

God Is For Us!

Back in September of 2014, I had said to God that I wanted this job position, which I had interviewed for 3 times. The company was looking for a contract worker for a 6 month term. Before I even started with the company, I knew in my heart that the position would be mine and… Read more

Peter Phelps

His Blessings continue to Overtake Me!

2015 was a great year for me at work. I lead my team in 3 straight quarters and ended my year at 187% year to target and for the second straight year, I will be eligible for our top honour of Presidents Club. I thank God for His favour and expect His blessings to continue… Read more

Kevin Johnson


Sharing the Good News

In the last week of April, our family had heard the news of my uncle Frank falling sick to a rare form of Cancer at the age of 87. A man who was full of life but void of God. In the following weeks we had opportunities to visit him and share the Good News… Read more

Carmine Viapiana