Translocal Trip

What a privilege to be invited once again into Explore Life Church in Edmonton. Up Up and Away as we boarded our flights with great anticipation in our hearts, what would God do on his trip, praying Holy Spirit guide and lead us.

Explore life is headed by their fearless leaders Russ and Glynne, ably supported by their sons Derin and Jayden. This is a fearless family for the Kingdom, who planted amidst Covid and have seen the hand of God upon their lives and it is He who has brought the increase.

Bridget, Dom and I, gathered ourselves for a time of fellowship, family, fun and Ministry. To be part of His Kingdom, to blow wind into the sails of this Life boat to this Community. It was great being able to reacquaint and rekindle friendships once again.

We spent a wonderful time speaking through leadership, and ministering into a  community of believers putting their hands to the task, to bring light and joy to Edmonton.  Russell honoured us with the awesome task of ordaining another couple eager for the kingdom onto the deacon team. We stood in awe of those that God has called to join and be part of this church and witness the steady growth at Explore Life.

Besides the ministry, it is always a privilege to partake of Russ’s gourmet delights as he loves to feed, hmmm. All in all a fulfilling time with this lighthouse to the community, a beacon, a place of safety to grow and thrive, in a New testament expression of The King and His Kingdom.

We love this partnership, rooted in a deep friendship and love for one another, for God Himself and for extending the Kingdom.

God bless, 

I saw a baby giraffe being born once… a privileged sighting in the wilds of Natal’s Karkloof Reserve… It was with great ease that the Mother splayed her mighty limbs to ensure a safe, secure entry into the babe’s new world…

The calf lay there for just an instant as the mother applied her nudging and licking, then, instantly, it staggered up onto its spindly little limbs, and was upright, anxious to “explore” its “new life”!

And so the analogy begins….

The “Birth” of Explore Life Church in Edmonton, (as we all entered into the pandemic), was at exactly the right, appointed time to swing wide its doors…. the determination and willingness to forge ahead with the promise from God, and His purpose in their hearts, Russel, Glynn, Derin and Jayden knuckled down and began their journey under the unction and nurture of our Lord Jesus!

His Bride, His church, His timing, His plans, His unswerving support, as HE builds HIS Church!

What a delightful privilege to walk through the doors of Explore Life Church… the building so welcoming, the teams both welcoming and humble as they embraced everyone who came.

We felt “at home” immediately… 

As that calf in Karkloof must have felt the exhilarating adventure that lay ahead, so are the Explore family… their eyes and ears attuned to the gleeful call of God that lies ahead!

The birthing, the infancy, the new life that is the undergirding of their future is all wrapped up in a package that is labelled “GO into all of Edmonton, as I build My church….” 

We salute you Explorer’s… enjoy every moment, make memories that give God the glory, and WOW us all with your love and trust in Him for a future filled with great adventures!


Mark Ellwood

Husband of one gorgeous wife, blessed father, delighted in my daughter, pastor, preacher, pedestrian, follower of Jesus, amazed that I have been chosen. Mark is the Senior Pastor at The Bridge Church For All Nations. Follow Mark’s personal blog