June Quarterly Snapshot 2022

An Update from Keir & Callie Tayler

Just returned from the Makatini flats in North Kwazulu-Natal. A team of almost 70 from 12 different churches, 2 ‘year of life groups’, 2nd year theology students & elders.. A real diverse mix with a Kiwi, Angolans, couple of Zimbabweans and an Egyptian.. Nations reaching nations! We had planned two crusades a night and a pastors gathering in the same Jarea but we had to cancel one due to total disunity among the pastors who arranged it. The other crusade was outstanding with 8 new converts attending church last Sunday in the resident church. Multiple healings were recorded. The pastors conferences in the areas (despite one cancelled) was very impactful. One of the Pastors who arranged all this said we had reached 7 Tribunal Areas, one was visited by the Induna and was very pleased with what was happening. Induna’s report directly to the Inkosi – King of Zulu’s. According to this Pastor this has never been heard of before.Street, school and crusade area evangelism was done with a football and netball competition on Saturday afternoon. The testimonies were outstanding. The team was so changed. Today we are off to Tzaneen to meet up with a couple of guys to locate an Unreached People Group … Tswa people. Huge love to you all and the church.

Keep well.

Family Camp 2022

What an incredible time at Family Camp! A big thank you to Dan, Kate, Madelyn, Isaiah & Eli Page who joined us to minister over the weekend on Living Supernaturally. We received fresh revelation, worshipped together & had powerful times of ministry. 7 people were baptized at the lake on Saturday!

We enjoyed bubble soccer and wagon rides around the beautiful grounds of Fair Havens; but most of all we loved getting to be together as a church family. See you in 2023!

BridgeKids Graduation 2022

We have 3 BridgeKids graduating into a new grade in Kids Church. Congratulations to:

  • Aiden Webster
  • Aiden Karunananth
  • Ayomide Adeniyi

We have 2 BridgeKids graduating out of Kids Church this year. Congratulations to:

  • Emmanuel Tiernay
  • Kayleigh Strong

Apostolic Adventure to Alberta

Always the greatest adventure! Flight delays notwithstanding, our excitement at being in the air again, visiting friends in Edmonton with the privilege of ministering to their new church plant, surpassed any frustrations at Pearson! The Eales’s welcomed us with open arms, their hospitality outstanding, and the comfort and love shown to us so heartwarming! Russell and Glyn have 2 teenage sons, who served us alongside their parents with zeal and glee… a great tribute to their parents. Saturday morning there was a combined breakfast, with their congregation of 35 people invited. They started their church plant just at the beginning of Covid in March 2020, and the Lord’s faithfulness to them is amazing! Jesus said “I will build My church!” and He has, in record time, against all odds! At 9am, the doorbell started ringing and in came the Explore Life families… couples and couples with children poured into their home and the glorious sound of new friendships and joyful conversations filled their home! After the breakfast, Mark steered the gentlemen into their basement, and I stayed in the lounge with the ladies. We both shared what we believed the Lord had given us, and we felt incredibly privileged to be entrusted with the Explore family! Church on Sunday was great…the venue, the worship, the word, the relationships… it’s truly beautiful when you arrive as “strangers” and leave as firm friends… only Jesus can cement that!


Explore Life Church is a reflection of Heaven [Revelation 7:9] in that they have commenced wonderfully with an eclectic bunch of God’s handpicked people from all four corners of the earth. n conversation I was speaking to one of the guys from South Africa and it came to pass, where we both came from, in all of the places from the same city and we knew various places of note, etc,etc. It turned out over 20 years ago we as a church in Pinetown Durban, ran “Heavens Gates and Hells Flames” His cousin insisted he come to this play. He came to the church and through this ministry committed his life to Christ, from the very church that sent us to Canada. He were enjoying a breakfast together reminiscing over the old neighbourhood for this to come out and our curiosity of our life’s adventures. The best thing is here we are both in Canada serving God, from a mutual meeting in another church half way around the world, 20 or so years ago. God certainly has a chess board, and he moves His pieces with deliberation, planning and forethought. I kept wondering to myself how cool is that. Our prayers for Explore Life church are that the foundations that have been laid so purposefully, continue and expand beyond their wildest dreams, and that Jesus adds to their numbers exponentially, as He promised He would. That Russell and Glyn will thrive with the mantle of leadership that they carry, and that their future with all whom the Lord adds, will be the light that Edmonton needs to glorify His Name.

Pastor Mark

Save The Date!

  • Vacation Bible School: Jul 18-22
  • Church In The Park: Aug 07