Embracing The New Year


I’m asking you to join me as we say “GOOD BYE” to the “old”, and say “YES” to EMBRACING the NEW YEAR!!!

So we get to choose… do we throw away all the lessons learnt in 2020?   OR… do we thank our Lord Jesus for bringing us through it, with our eyes fixed on HIM, our hearts perpetually turned towards Him, Whose “Name IS the Word” (Rev 19:13)?  I choose the latter!!! EMPHATICALLY!!!

Isaiah 43:18 has always brought, (dare I say), a sort of breathless excitement to my heart…“Forget the Former Things… do you not perceive that I am doing a NEW thing?  I will bring STREAMS IN THE DESERT!”
Isn’t that a glorious thought? A promise to hang on to?!  His promise of NEW!!! 

SO often this year, I have heard the laments of the “unknown”, and the “uncertain”… and that has been the reality in most of the days… that feeling of being “trapped” (I confess I have felt the latter)… but then I have had to remember, WHO holds my future… HIM, The CHRIST… HE holds our futures in His hands… so I’ve then had to purpose, to prefer to partner with Jesus in HIS plans!  Some of you may have heard (or been there) to hear me  share on Christmas Eve, “What lies on the other side of your “YES” to God? What promises has HE made to YOU, requiring your YES?”

Well, what lies on the other side of your YES is HIS promise and blessing because of your obedience to His call, His instruction… whatever that may be!

I urge you all, to take 2021 by the horns (an idiom that means “To deal with a matter in a direct manner, especially to confront a difficulty rather than avoid it.”)   As believers, the confidence we have, the HOPE we have in Jesus, should make us grab ahold of 2021, whatever it brings, with the full confidence that we are HIS daughters, and that HE is in control of every second of every day, despite what the world tries to throw at us!

WE can be, for some, or for many, the LIFEBELT for those struggling in their sea of unbelief… we are secure on our raft, or boat, and our faith, our hope, our love, our expression of Jesus, could be the reason many will stay “afloat” and join us in this, HIS army!!!

I love every one of you…. and you have been my lifebelt many times… when I’ve felt useless, or inadequate, all I need to do is remember that our Father saw fit to secure you all I my heart, for such a time as this, and my gratitude far outweighs those feelings!

This too shall pass!!!
Yours with love, 
Bridget hxhxhx

Bridget Ellwood

Pastor, lover of people, to err is human, to hug is divine, wife of a great dude, mother extraordinaire to the most precious daughter of the king. Am more than blessed and so proud of my daughter. Author, blogger and follower of the king. Alongside her husband Mark (Senior Pastor) they lead The Bridge - Church For All Nations, and Bridget oversees the Ladies and Legends (60+) ministries. Follow Bridget’s personal blog