Choosing To Be Thankful

October is one of my favourite months.  Not only do the fall colours come out in all their beauty here in southern Ontario, but it is a month that helps us remember God’s plan for us –

 In the midst of everything, to be always giving thanks.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 TPT

He knows the inherent power that is bound up in a thankful heart.  Having an attitude of gratitude is like bringing a floodlight into a darkened room. It transforms something that would try and hinder and diminish our vision into something that would expand and enlarge our perspective.  It is not simply a spiritual principal to be acknowledged but a radical practise to be perfected.  What would our life look like if instead of focusing on what is wrong, we chose to be thankful to God for what is right?  What if instead of reciting a litany of what we do not yet have, we chose to make a declaration of all that God has said is ours?

Let’s take the month of October and predetermine that we will choose to have a thankful heart, every single day.  When we wake up, let’s begin with thanking God for the new day, His new mercies, His goodness and kindness that will be following us throughout the day.  Maybe set your phone alarm to sound on the hour, and when it rings, pause a minute and thank God for something.  When having a meal, instead of saying a generic grace, how about taking a few minutes to sincerely appreciate that you get to eat today (1 out of every 10 people experience chronic hunger and 815 million people go to bed hungry every day).  And before going to sleep, look back over your day and find something specific to thank God for.  

Thankfulness is a character quality God wants to see evidenced in our lives at all times and in all circumstances.  It is a testimony to His goodness.  When we are thankful, His character will be seen in us, He will be glorified, and His Kingdom advanced in our lives and in the lives of those we touch.


Holy Spirit,

Thank You that You are committed to helping us fulfill God’s plan for our lives (Phil. 1:6).  Open the eyes of our hearts so that we may see the innumerable gifts and graces that God extends to us every day and make us truly thankful for all that You are doing, as You conform us into the image of our beloved Saviour, Jesus Christ.  In His precious name we pray, amen.

Jeanine Soligo

Child of God, lover of the Word, purposeful in pursuing God's Presence, passionate about equipping people to hear God's voice and encounter His love. Jeanine alongside her husband Michael are on the Eldership team at The Bridge Church for All Nations and together they oversee Prayer Ministry and Freedom Session.