Change is in the Air

2015.03_CoverNoText     2 Cor 10:4 For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh  but have divine power to destroy strongholds.

As we Step into March, I am not sure, what to sing ” Let it Snow or “Let it Go”,  either way it’s time for the snow to go , and I am eagerly looking for the appearance of the telltale groundhog…… Oh please roll on March 20th. When spring will officially be sprung.



I can’t wait to haul out my spring jacket and exchange my salt boots for rain boots, to see teh first buds of spring breaking ground and bringing new life to all around us. The revealing of the kaleidoscope of the magnificence of beauty in the array of colours associated with spring and the display of creations that lightens the heart and (excuse the pun) puts a spring in our step; as we “Let it GOOOOOOO”

Leit it go

Until then, we forge forward in our quest to remove all that entangles us, castaway the stuff that weighs us down, the wintery confines of every weight and sin. We choose to press into the things of God, not waging war in the flesh but take hold of our weapons in the spirit that have divine power to demolish strongholds.

Our goal in Christ is to walk free and travel light, however in order to do that we need to cast off the baggage that we carry.

It takes great courage to take the first step in the right direction of this journey, an act of our will to acknowledge there has been some stuff we have carried perhaps for decades; but now is the season to cast away that stuff, John 8:36 If the son of man has made you free, you will be free indeed.

Truly we can’t go back and undo the stuff of the past, however we can see the attitudinal by-products of the past and deal with them with Gods solution for the present and future.

We don’t free ourselves, yet we do take that first step into our future today by saying I take this step in Jesus name, I trust in you Lord that you will free me from this stuff.stepx

I exalt the name of our God most high as we walk free and travel light.

Remember we get to choose to enjoy the journey and the destination.

Wheels up lets go.

Mark Ellwood

Husband of one gorgeous wife, blessed father, delighted in my daughter, pastor, preacher, pedestrian, follower of Jesus, amazed that I have been chosen. Mark is the Senior Pastor at The Bridge Church For All Nations. Follow Mark’s personal blog