Carrying Stuff ?

entangle.aspxHeb 12:1…let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles… 



I continue to be overly optimistic for us the Bridge family for 2015. I am Expectant of the more, the amazing and awesome pleasure of our Father. We as His children are favoured, by a loving Father. Although, we are still surrounded by the climatic winter chill, a fire burns from within, a Holy Spirit fire that warms us to increase our expectant togetherness.

Having started the year with a bang (pun intended), “Clearing the Mind Fields”, getting the cobwebs, “the mines of the mind” 281277-brain-4removed and cleared out, actively taking hold of Gods promises and changing the way I think. I am reminded of the powerful words of wisdom from Solomon, when he states in Eccl 3:1 for everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven….. Solomon goes on to recount what some of those seasons and matters look like.

I am gripped by vs 6 “a time to keep and a time to cast away, or throw away”.

Some things in life and lifestyle are worthy of treasuring and keeping for the rest of our lives, while other things belong in the dumpster.

Unfortunately often in life’s lessons after throwing away stuff, we have this unhealthy urge to go dumpster diving and retrieve what was meant to be thrown away and stay thrown away. We fetch it out of the dumpster and continue to carry “our stuff”.

What is it in your life that you feel to “Let Go and let God” rule and reign?

Heb 12:1 is a wonderful encouragement to get rid of “our stuff”, stop carrying around the stuff that entangles us, clings to us and prevents us living the expectant life, living fully as God intended.

Are you “Carrying Stuff ?”, my prayer is for each of us to throw away the “stuff” that holds us so that we may

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Mark Ellwood

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