Gift, Gifting or Gifted, God’s Choice

1 Pet 4:10 As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied boxes over white background 3d illustration

Before this blog is read in the wrong context, I am aware, that God the father in his infinite wisdom has given gifts to men / women to use for the common good of the body of Christ; ie Rom 12.                                                                         However there are also “Spiritual Gifts”, which  I believe are not given to us, as part of our DNA, or make up; however, are granted to us as the Holy Spirit wills, to be used for the encouragement, upliftment, and edification of the body, as and when it is needed. The point is, they remain the gift of Holy Spirit

In 1 Cor 12 and Rom 12 we speak of God giving gifts to believers, but in Eph 4, we speak of gifted believers being given to the church.


It always fascinates me when people claim for themselves, “I have this gift or I have that gift.”  Unfortunately, too many stake their claim of possessing the gift themselves.  Especially in the healing and deliverance arena.  It grieves me when we so often hear the claim after God has healed someone, empowered by the Spirit, and using a certain person, as a conduit through which to work;  being declared,  “I prayed for Mr X, I laid hands on him and I healed him; therefore I now have the gift of healing…….”

Not wanting to sound too pedantic, we should on all accounts bring glory and recognition to the Trinity in their amazing grace, their wonders to perform, and let no one be left confused that Jesus healed Mr X.  Our only connections should be, I am so grateful that God chose to use me as the conduit, and partner with Him in His glorious grace manifestation, in whatever area He chooses.

We step into error when we allow the gift to be exalted – this can be seen when the gift glorifies the user and not the giver, and when it benefits the individual rather than the Body.  Gift exaltation involves pride and self-indulgence.  True spiritual gifts will always point to Jesus.  Spiritual gifts are not an end in themselves, they are merely the means to an end.

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When we think of the “Gifts of the Spirit, or “Spiritual Gifts”, our minds charge off in various directions, based on a number of factors, grid references, or lenses through which we view this amazing subject.  Based on what we have either been taught, experienced, or simply follow along as learned behaviour.

Paul, with such a caring heart for a fairly dysfunctional church, states in his letter to the Corinthians, 1 Cor 12:1 Now concerning spiritual gifts, brothers, I do not want you to be uninformed.

He is saying, I don’t want you to be ignorant of what God has granted to each one of you. To Timothy whom he sees as a son he says, 2 Tim 1:6  For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.

God in His graciousness, wanting us to uplift, encourage, edify and strengthen the body of believers, has given various types of  “giftings” to the body of Christ. Our response to His gracious gifts towards us is to discover, revel in, develop and mature in those gifts that we have. We are to be purveyors of his gracious gift to our families, friends, the church and the world at large.

We want to delve into the rich treasure hidden, and discover,  “am I a foot, or a hand, a head or an eye.” No matter what, I know that I am needed in the body of Christ. I have an effective place to serve my brothers and sisters.  I have been arranged as God so chooses into this local body of believers, and I have a part to play


Discover with us God’s gracious gifts, as we hunt for the treasure of the life behind the “Charisma”, “Phanerosis” and “Doma” gifts that God has lavishly poured out upon us, We mature to appreciate the varied gifts to the body and their significance.We realize others see things differently to us.
When we work as a team it brings the body to wholeness, to function as the church, to extend the Kingdom of God.Knowing our place and fit in the body, we learn to appreciate others gifts and the significant part we and they play.

Walk into your inheritance with us.

Mark Ellwood

Husband of one gorgeous wife, blessed father, delighted in my daughter, pastor, preacher, pedestrian, follower of Jesus, amazed that I have been chosen. Mark is the Senior Pastor at The Bridge Church For All Nations. Follow Mark’s personal blog