The Righteousness of God Revealed

Romans is a masterpiece of Paul’s, interspersed with Old Testament examples. It is a detailed scholarly message of the grace of God. As we go through this masterpiece, looking through the lenses of the Righteousness of God Revealed, we will come to only one conclusion–that right standing with God only comes through grace and not of our works.

As some of the Jews of old believed that Christianity was simply an extension of Judaism, they were attempting to mix old covenant practices with the new Covenant. However Paul, the apostle of grace to the gentiles, boldly proclaimed that these practices and adherence to Jewish custom and law was not necessary for salvation.

Journey with us on this epic journey into liberation through grace.

Mark Ellwood

Husband of one gorgeous wife, blessed father, delighted in my daughter, pastor, preacher, pedestrian, follower of Jesus, amazed that I have been chosen. Mark is the Senior Pastor at The Bridge Church For All Nations. Follow Mark’s personal blog

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