As the year began, the church received a prophetic word of expansion. I firmly believe that this expansion means an increase in every area of our lives as a family. As I share my testimony, I do hope that it will encourage us to keep depending on Jesus Christ even when the odds are stacked against us, because nothing is ever hard for Him. My journey to receive my degree was not an easy one, as it took longer than expected. Nonetheless, by the Grace of God, I finished with results beyond my own expectations. I soon realized that the length of time it took me to complete the degree was nothing compared to the unpredictable job market; especially when you are a recent graduate. However, with the LORD absolutely nothing is impossible! I recently applied for a position within the Government of Canada and received a response to participate in the assessment process. Within this process, I was repeatedly told that this assessment process is extremely competitive and usually takes a year and beyond. Additionally, I was doing this assessment process, competing against individuals who have more years of experience than me. I would be lying if I said discouragement and doubt did not start creeping in. But our God is faithful to His promises; He is always with us in all we do! I got through all phases of the assessment process and within three weeks of this whole process, I received a call with an offer! Our God is so good, as He does that which seems impossible to our one-dimensional perspective. We give all the glory and praise to Jesus Christ and thank all who have been praying. – February 2018


Andrew Ziramba



January 1st, 2017, the Lord spoke to me that this year would be a year of change and I was to Trust! January 31st, 2017 I got laid off from a job where I worked for more than 20 years. My confidence was stripped away. This gave to time to refresh some skills and spend time with family. On November 20, 2017 I found another job which proved to challenge me, but it was very fast pace, demanding and late shift work. I felt inadequate and stressed. God said He had something better for me, so with much fear, I gave in my resignation last week. BUT within half an hour, my boss offered me a different job working within the company but in a different department, same pay, but better hours. Thank you all for praying for me during this transition and stressful times. – February 2018

Dina Davidson



On January 24th I did some dumbbell exercises at the gym and felt great. Later that night I could not lift my right arm. Later that night I went to the prayer training time. I went up for prayers and was able to lift my arm afterwards. I praise the Lord that He loves me and cares about the simplest things in our lives. – January 2018


Yvonne Baird



In June 2016, I was heading out of my apartment building when I was assaulted by a woman who lives in my building. She has been harassing me for over 3 years. She made false accusations against me that left me to defend myself in a court of law. As God’s child, I prayed and trusted God. The judge dismissed the case and I was freed of all false charges. It was traumatic for me, but God has made me stronger. Thank you to my church family for their support and prayers. – January 2018

Gaytri Narain

GOD, MY PROVIDER (Joanne Pires)


Over the course of 2017 I’ve seen God work miracles as it pertains to my job. 1) God changed the hearts of my co-founders, which made working at the company much easier and it allowed me to do my job more successfully, because we weren’t butting heads anymore. 2) My department brought in half of the company’s new revenue and we crushed the goals set in 2016. 3) I had a BIG ask of God when it came to a bump in pay. I was asking for a 46% increase in base pay. After my yearend review with my co-founders, they were so delighted with the performance that they agreed whole-heartedly to the raise. Thank you Lord for coming through and providing. – January 2018

Joanne Pires

He Made A Way (Michelle Thevasagayam)


God has been so gracious and faithful, He worked everything out in a way only He could. I’ve been praying and asking God whether I should pursue my passion to teach English abroad. After months of prayer and a lot of research, I started applying for teaching jobs in other countries. After about a month of no call backs or emails, I was heartbroken. Was I actually supposed to go? I kept applying to positions in faith. Eventually I was able to interview for 3 different schools. But, each of those positions were filled by other teachers. I prayed and asked God : “Lord, if You want me to go, open the doors I should walk through and close the ones I shouldn’t”. And would you believe, God opened a door the very next day? The recruiter emailed saying a school was interested for an interview and afterwards offered me a job! And to top it off, this job is located in the city I wanted to go to. There is really no way this could have happened. But God! So I ask, Bridge family, please keep me in your prayers as I live and work for a year in Daegu, South Korea. All of this could not have happened except for the grace of God, and I give Him all the glory, honour and praise. – January 2018

Michelle Thevasagayam

A God Who Changes Hearts (Joanne Pires)

A God Who Changes Hearts – November 2017

Over the summer I bought a new vehicle, so imagine my grief when my brand new car stalled in the middle of the street few weeks back. I had it towed to the dealership for them to look at and they told me that they couldn’t find anything wrong and they aren’t going to put me in a new vehicle because they aren’t obligated to do so under my contract. I didn’t even have the law on my side. After much praying and a whole lot of back-and-forth between myself, the dealership and Hyundai Canada, they agreed to replace my vehicle and put me in a brand new car. Thank you Jesus for changing the hearts of the people at Hyundai and making the impossible possible.

Joanne Pires

God is My Healer (Chan Parkes)

God is my Healer! – October 2017

God get’s all the Glory!!! 25 August 2017 I injured my shoulder and collarbone. All the ligaments were pulled so badly that my collarbone was hanging like a swing. I had muscle and tissue damage and was in the worst pain ever. I literally cried a few times a day for nearly 7 weeks. Recently, Keir and Callie Tayler came to minister at our church. On the Thurs evening I went into service and wrote at the top of my notes, ‘God is going to heal me tonight!’ I was expectant! Keir shared how we have authority to claim wholeness over our bodies. Jesus has already died for our sickness and sins. I went up for prayer and God healed me!!! Taking off my sling and all the strapping that had literally been holding things together, was a huge step of faith. I no longer have pain and am living life to the fullest. Sharing my healing with others the past 2 weeks has been so amazing!!!! I visited my physiotherapist to cancel all my pre booked appointments, God received all the glory with screams of delight!!! I have cancelled my MRI and an appointment with the Shoulder Specialist!!! God is more than good!!!! I AM HEALED!!!!

Chan Parkes

My Protector (Abigail Samuel)

My Protector – October 2017

This passed Tuesday, I was climbing the school rock wall at recess and I lost my grip and fell 6 or 7 feet down. My body fell on the wood chips and my head hit the concrete. I want to praise and thank God for protecting me. My injuries could have been a lot worse but I only have some head pain and maybe a slight concussion.

Abigail Samuel

He Provides My Every Need (Rebecca Ziramba)

He Provides My Every Need – October 2017

This summer, I hoped to acquire a part-time job in order to save some money in part for my tuition. In my search for employment, the Lord strengthened my trust in Him. As I sought a job, He filled me with confidence that if in His plan for me, He would provide the right job for me and if not, He would sustain and care for me. Indeed, despite an inability to acquire a summer job, He provided all I needed and has gifted me with much more than I anticipated. Recently I logged into my student email account expecting the usual updates from my professors. Instead I stumbled upon an email informing me I have been awarded a nearly $5000 academic scholarship I did not apply for. Combined with a previous scholarship the entirety of my tuition for this year has been covered. May the Lord be praised for His immeasurable goodness. For providing what we need, perhaps even in unexpected yet wonderful ways.

Rebecca Ziramba

God is Awesome! (Donna Cook)

God is Awesome! – September 2017

As some of you may be aware, I had a challenging summer with an infected toe. The infection was progressing as I’m type 1 Diabetic so there was a chance I could lose my toe. With intensive IV therapy, home nursing care and surgery, but most of all PRAYER and healing PRAYER from the Elders and Bridge family, the infection has cleared and I’m back to my old self again! God is Awesome!

Donna Cook


God’s Goodness Overwhelms Me – June 2017

Two weeks ago we were asked to give testimonies from family camp. I hesitated because I felt right in the middle of everything – in the middle of processing, in the middle of walking it out, in the middle of it all. But I felt prompted to publicly declare that I came away from our time with Greg & Michelle both encouraged and challenged. I was also trusting God to fulfill His Word, to provide a permanent job. Well, since then, postings for permanent positions with the DDSB came out and there were many jobs that fit my qualifications. After consulting with mentors or school admin, I applied to 30 positions. The day the postings closed, interview offers started rolling in and before I knew it, I had 15 interview offers. I did 5 interviews within 25 hours and was offered all 5 jobs. Two of those jobs were from my top two choices. I ended up in the very unique position as a teacher of choosing between several jobs. I selected the position that suited me best. I am now the PERMANENT French and Music teacher at Forest View Public School. I have been absolutely overwhelmed by God’s goodness and favour. Praise God!

Amy Humphries

GOD KNOWS (Dave Cook)

God Knows – May 2017

As is often the case, when companies get acquired by larger ones, I found myself looking for a new job last year. It turned out to be far more difficult to find a new job than I had imagined. Many opportunities but nothing that was right in my wheel house and companies appear to be looking for that perfect tactical fit. Last month God showed me an opportunity which seemed much more in-line with my skills and business goals. This was the first opportunity that I truly got excited about. An offer was extended to me and I start the day after Family Camp.

Dave Cook

GOD IS AMAZING & FAITHFUL! (Caroline Holland)

God Is Amazing & Faithful! – May 2017

On Thursday, May 11th, I got a call to tell me that my 12yr old cousin Luc was in surgery. He collapsed at school and they suspected that he had had a brain aneurysm. I immediately called Bridget and asked her to pray. I wanted as many people praying for him as possible, as soon as possible. I have since found out that Luc has a malformation of the vessels in his brain, so it was more a bleed than a burst. This Thursday, May 18th, he was woken up from his induced coma. He is responding coherently and moving both sides of his boy. He is making exceptional progress! One of the first things he told his parents is that he saw an angel!!! One of the very next things was that he wanted his phone, so he could listen to music, kids today …

God is amazing and faithful and I wanted to lift up His name with this amazing testimony of his goodness. From Luc’s family to the leadership at The Bridge, thank you so much for your prayers.

Caroline Holland

Healing in the Workplace (Kaylon Warner)

Healing in the Workplace – February 2017

It was about a month ago, a co-op student from work was in back pain. He was on my heart as I was aware of this, seeing him leaning on different store fixtures, for relief from the pain. So I asked “Can I pray for you that God would heal your back? Do you believe that God can heal you?” He said yes, believing God can heal, and yes for me to pray for him. Before he left his shift, he said his back pain went from a 8, being painful, to a 5, being not as painful. The next day he came in and eventually on the shift I asked him how do he was feeling today? He said fine. I said what number – he said 0. No pain – I was excited!! I asked if he had any pain relief aside from prayer. He said no. So I said “See that must be the power of God” He was very relaxed and nonchalant about the healing. Not me, I was excited! He is still walking around fine to this day with no pain. Jesus is the Healer. I am believing God will not let this situation go and use this as one of many things to remind him of needing to be saved.

Kaylon Warner

God is in Control (Peter Phelps)

God is in Control – March 26th

Back in January 2017 I was reviewing my financial situation. I realized that my consumer proposal debt would end soon. Then I could start to save for a new car. Mine was 10 years old and had 200,000km on it. I was hoping it would last 2 years as I save for another. Feb 27th, debt paid in full and for the first time in 52 years, I am out of debt! On March 11th I had an accident, which was the other drivers fault, and my insurance company wrote off my car. I struggled, with no money and bad credit, to understand how I could get a new car. My insurance company gave me an incredible settlement. This allowed me to put down a large sum for a deposit.  This time my debt is different – with Jesus guiding me, my debt is not controlling me. God knew the end result. Do It Again, Lord!

Peter Phelps

Healing Through Love (Monica Viapiana)

Healing Through Love – January 29th

I want to take this moment to say thank you to all for your prayers. How touched I was to know the moment my husband reached out to the elders how quickly family came together to pray all week.

As many may know already 9 years ago I had a heart attack where 5 stents were implanted in my right artery, then again on Jan 2015 I had another heart attack and a 6th stent was implanted again.

Jan 2017 I found myself being rushed back to the hospital wondering what had gone wrong now, this time the left artery dissected however Doctors did not want to take the chance and add more stents as it was more evasive and within the branches of the artery. They decided to treat the situation with 4 days of Heprin and will be on continuous blood thinner for now as they say in time they found in some the artery heals.

Two years ago I was angry to what had happened, I realized I will not live how I did back then. As I laid in bed and tried to make sense of all this, Jeanine came to visit and had me listen to a song “resurrecting” and I began to see all the moments Jesus was there each time I was in the hospital. He showed me through the support and prayers of family, to the doctor rushing in not to help the other doctor first but to come to me and tell me everything is going to be ok, to where he stood during my angiogram. As I saw that, He said I will never leave you nor forsake you. During that week, I felt God kept saying love, and I began to understand that healing comes with Love. The greatest commandment in the bible is based on LOVE. HE showed me the blood flowing in arteries and I believe the blood is Jesus flowing in us providing that love to bring healing to our hearts and to our bodies. The less angry, regretful and unforgivable we live the more God will pour out love so that we can heal and share that love to others. Its not an easy task but every time I start to feel something I turn around and I start focusing on Jesus.

I have a long road ahead but I believe this time I am going to endure it side by side with my King never losing my focus and seeing what he has for me at the end of it all. Again my husband and family thank you and will be keeping the elders posted on the next few months of progress.

Monica Viapiana

God’s Miracle in the Workplace (Kuziva Ziramba)

God’s Miracle in the Workplace – January 3rd

I want to give thanks to the Lord for giving me a job in my profession. I would also want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who prayed for me.

I came to Canada with a Master’s Degree in Economics from the US hoping to find employment in my field but all I could get were contracts from time to time. In the meanwhile I always had a fulltime job in an automotive parts factory. After a while I felt professionally rusty and returned to school to do a Master’s Degree in Policy Studies. Even with 2 Master’s Degrees and having done all the right things as advised by employment counsellors, the professional job remained elusive. Eventually I began to despair and often wondered why the Lord would give me such a good education and yet let me labour in a factory. However, the Lord had a better plan.

A miracle happened last week. Our company was bought by a big international automative company which is rolling out a Lean Production System to improve efficiency in all the acquired factories. They advertised for positions to lead the effort in various factories. The Human Resources coordinator encouraged me to apply for one of the positions but having faced rejection too many times, I hesitated. Then I came to church the following Sunday and the Lord spoke a word in the worship service saying “is there anything too hard for me”. I strongly felt this word was targeting my employment situation. So I went to work and applied for the position. Then something amazing happened. The International Director of the Lean Production Program came to interview me in person. He was very impressed and I had another interview with the General Manager of the location I will be working. To my amazement, the General Managed used to be my manager in the same company at the Scarborough factory which was closed due to the 2009 recession. He could not hide his excitement at seeing me. The Lord was leading me to the right people.

Last week I was offered the position of Production Systems Expert reporting directly to the General Manager. The position combines my skills as an economist with practical experience working in the factory. Looking at this in retrospect, I now know that the Lord was keeping me in the factory to prepare me for this positon and I did not understand it. I learned that I should always trust God even if I don’t understand what is happening in my life


Kuziva Ziramba

God’s Favour (LaiNar Korbacher)

God’s Favour – November 6th

After working for the bank on contract for 3 years, I am finally hired as full-time employee. In spite of the fact that the bank is going through re-organisation and lay-offs, I definitely feel that it is God’s gracious hand in my life to make this possible. Praise The Lord!

LaiNar Korbacher

He’s Our Provider (Ken Tuttle)

He’s Our Provider – September 4th

God is faithful! This Tuesday I start a full time job working at Farm Boy! Thank you God!!


Ken Tuttle

He Hears Our Cry (Rebecca Ziramba)

He Hears Our Cry – August 21st

I have a problem with my knees in which they dislocate every now and then. When this happens I will quickly attempt to shift whichever knee cap has moved back into place (which can be uncomfortable and painful). One evening this past week while resting (laying on my stomach) my knee dislocated and it was pretty brutal. I attempted to reach for my knee to push it back into place but couldn’t. Because my knee was locked and I could tell it was more serious than what I normally experience, I anticipated pushing it back into place would be intensely painful. Nonetheless, unable to reach it, feeling panicked, and without even thinking really, I said the words “God help me” and ny knee suddenly shifted back into place. Though I was anticipating it would be quite painful, it was painless!

Rebecca Ziramba

Risking for Him! (Allen Humphries)

Risking for Him – August 7th

God has spoken to the church this year about risk, about what we are willing to risk for him. For someone under the age of 40, changing jobs is probably no big deal. In many cases, it would be perceived as riskier to stay in the same job. For someone like me,, over the age of 60, changing jobs is a different proposition, especially if you have been with the same company for 12 years, all your previous jobs averaged just 2 years, and you anticipated retiring from your current company. The choice I faced was to stay put where I have been for 12 years, doing what I am good at or to leave the comfortable behind and go to work for someone different doing something I haven’t done before; to go from being a senior staff member to being the new kid; to go from being proven and trusted to being untried. Looking back over the past year and a half, I see God’s fingerprints. He has worked in various ways to loosen my grip on my current job, and to open my mind to the possibility of being somewhere else. I didn’t go looking for something else or even somewhere else I was for the most part content. The something else can looking for me. I believe God has opened the door. I think I have it in me (with God’s help) to prove myself at least once more. On Monday I start a new job as a Practice Advisor at the Ontario Association of Architects. I will no longer be practicing architecture, rather I will be working for the governing body, helping other architects to practice well, and helping to support the profession. I don’t know what God intends to accomplish through this, I just know that my sphere of influence, my oikos is changing. I am looking forward to the change and to the challenge.

Allen Humphries

God, Our Healer (Sharai Viapiana)

God Our Healer – July 3rd

Growing up I battled with severe eczema and stomach pains. Through the Lords leading, 6 years ago I removed gluten from my diet. This was an answer to prayer as it drastically cleared my skin reactions and eliminated the stomach pain. A few years ago God started to renew a hope in me to be healed of my gluten intolerance. After 3 years of prayer, in faith, I started to reintroduce gluten into my diet. PRAISE BE TO JESUS because I no longer negatively react and am HEALED of this intolerance.

Sharai Viapiana

Sharing God’s Love (Ken Tuttle)

Sharing God’s Love – May 15th

Okay Lord, We have 2 hours and a pocket full of change. Who can we love on? After some moments in worship, He showed us an elderly lady at the mall in the food court, sitting by herself, the colour blue and some words of encouragement. Thank you Lord. To the mall. And that is where we met Ruth: a lady in her late eighty’s that was sitting by herself in the food court, dressed in blue. Utilizing the gospel according to Tim Hortons, we sat next to her and shared the love of Christ. Praise the Lord!

Ken Tuttle

Sharing the Good News (Carmine Viapiana)

Sharing the Good News – May 8th

In the last week of April, our family had heard the news of my uncle Frank falling sick to a rare form of Cancer at the age of 87. A man who was full of life but void of God. In the following weeks we had opportunities to visit him and share the Good News of Jesus to him. As days went by, on a follow up visit, he gave his life to God as He called out to Jesus, and from that moment on He had received God’s peace. As of Thursday, May 5th, he is now with the Lord.

Carmine Viapiana

Debt Free!!! (Amy Humphries)

Debt Free – May 8th

About 3 years ago, at an Equip in Denver, someone was speaking into the area of personal finances/financial freedom. At the time, I was finishing up university and my almost $15000 student loans were heading into repayment. They were supposed to take 10 years to pay back and the idea of that weighed heavily on me. While standing with those declaring victory in the area of finances, I felt God say to me that my loans would be paid off in less than 5 years. I’ve held onto that word knowing it would only be possible if God took care of it. Even until recently, it seemed so far off. And yet!!! Yesterday, I made the final payent on my loan. God has been faithful to provide and in less than 3 years since God spoke that word to me, I am now debt free!!!

Amy Humphries

Holy Spirit Adventures (Ken Tuttle)

Holy Spirit Adventures – May 1st

Jeison and Ken went out to the mall – only had 30 minutes. God had shown us to look for someone wearing pink and a person with a leg problem. We met a lady, whose granddaughter was wearing pink, who had recently had knee surgery. Her son was with her. We got to tell them how much God loved them and prayed for complete healing for her new knee.


Ken Tuttle

God’s Blessings (Peter Phelps)

God’s Blessings – April 24th

Back in January I was given a permanent position. At that time my boss said that she was pushing through a raise, as I did not qualify yet for the merit bonuses since I am just coming on as a permanent employee. Last Thursday I was given a letter that said I was getting a raise for merit in my position and that the raise would be retroactive to the start of my permanent position.

Peter Phelps

God’s Goodness Never Ends (Joanne Pires)

God’s Goodness Never Ends – January 17th

My testimony begins in July of 2015, when I was told by my new boss that my role at my company doesn’t exist and it looked like I was going to be out of a job in September. I went home that evening and immediately started looking for a new job. I found one that looked exciting so I applied. I got called in to do several interviews for the company and made it to the final two, where I had to meet the Executive Vice President of Sales who would be making the final decision. Due to an internal restructure, that company decided to go for the other candidate and I was beyond disappointed. I then felt the Holy Spirit tell me to send the EVP a thank you note and request feedback so I could improve my interviewing skills. I did! He responded almost immediately. Rather than giving feedback, he said that a friend of his was looking for a Marketing Manager and wanted to know if it was ok for him to refer me. I agreed! He set up the introduction with his friend, who turned out to be the CEO of the company and it turned out that the EVP was on the company’s Board of Directors. After a long interview process, I got the job and started in January of this year. God’s goodness doesn’t end there! After three days I was given a promotion to Director of Marketing and a $10,000 pay raise without having to ask for one. The title also comes with a seat at the table where business strategy and direction is discussed by the CEO and the two other co-founders. Thank you Lord for blowing my socks off with your Goodness.

Joanne Pires

He Takes Care of Every Detail (Parkes Family)

He Takes Care of Every Detail – January 17th

We received a quote for our flights back to South Africa in June for a 3 week holiday. We were short by $625. We agreed that the shortfall will be taken from my January paycheck and that we would have a tight month but, in faith, went ahead and confirmed with the travel agent to reserve the tickets provided that full payment could be made on Friday. I received my pay advice on Thursday and noted that my company had given me a small incentive bonus which resulted in me clearing just sufficient enough to pay the shortfall on the air tickets. The reason for this incentive was because my temporary transfer position to Canada has been converted to a permanent position and resulted in the payment of the incentive which was not expected at this time of year. I reconfirmed our travel plans with the travel agent and when I went to pay for the tickets, the requote was $1000 less than what we were originally quoted. Praise be to God for the continuous favour that he has placed on our family and for answering our prayers.

Parkes Family

The Greatness of God (Savey Jarvis)

The Greatness of God – January 17th

Tom’s car would not start this morning. We wanted to come to church and Savannah was out with our car. My husband kept trying to start the car by pushing it to jump start it all by himself. Finally I went in the car and was trying to jumpstart it while he was pushing it. So many cars were passing by and I started to feel so concerned for my husband just then a young man driving a black pick-up truck stopped and offered to help – he said he just couldn’t pass without stopping to help us as we were in need. When the car started, he was about to walk away and I called him to come over to me. I asked him his name, he said Randy, and as I hugged him, I realized he had alcohol on him. I hugged him and thanked and blessed him and as he left, I prayed for his soul. God is still using the Samaritan’s to help his people. Let us pray for Randy – put him on your prayer list.

Savey Jarvis

God is always doing Great Things (Sharai Viapiana)

God Is Always Doing Great Things – January 10th

This past December marked 5 years with my current employer. To God be the glory because with each passing year, without any instigation on my part, my boss has fought the corporate standards to ensure I get compensated for my work. This year was no different. Looking past at the last 5 years, God’s favour is undisputable as I can say from starting as a junior at entry level pay – by God’s grace – in 5 years I have been given at total of 40% raise. While monetary growth is not the focus of His Kingdom, I wanted to take this moment to praise God for His goodness. Whatever form it takes, God is always doing a great thing in some area of our lives, and I am so thankful for His provision – material and spiritual!

Sharai Viapiana

His Blessings continue to Overtake Me! (Kevin Johnson)

His Blessings Continue to Overtake Me! – January 3rd

2015 was a great year for me at work. I lead my team in 3 straight quarters and ended my year at 187% year to target and for the second straight year, I will be eligible for our top honour of Presidents Club. I thank God for His favour and expect His blessings to continue to overtake me!

Kevin Johnson

God Is For Us! (Peter Phelps)

God Is For Us! – January 10th

Back in September of 2014, I had said to God that I wanted this job position, which I had interviewed for 3 times. The company was looking for a contract worker for a 6 month term. Before I even started with the company, I knew in my heart that the position would be mine and that it would be longer than the original 6 month contract. In April 2015 they extended me for another 6 months. Just after they extended us, we lost our biggest client and the executive directors wanted to terminate me. However, come September my boss was talking that they were going to extend my contract at least. They did and I got another 3 month contract extension in October 2015. On January 4, 2016 I was given a permanent full time position. My boss had fought for me for a raise and to have the waiting period for my benefits waived. February 2016 I become a permanent full time employee, with a raise and full benefits. The company agreed with her and I got both. Thank you to all who have prayed with and for me in this.

Peter Phelps