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Pastor’s Blog

Bridge Builders for the Kingdom | Posted by Mark

When we look at bridges we see the magnificence of structure, architecture, and engineering. We see the beautiful designs and man’s ingenuity in constructing bridges that cross divides to connect peoples and commerce. We name bridges after those that have paved the way , or from a place of some significant meaning. When Jesus declared “I am the Way”, he built…

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A New Season A New Breed | Posted by Mark

With a new season comes, the fresh flush of excitement and adventure, it requires a new breed of person to step into the allness that God is placing before us. In God’s house we often have pioneers and settlers and of course everything else in between. As we venture into our new season, to take hold of our inheritance, we have opportunities to…

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A New Season | Posted by Mark

Welcome to 2012—a brand new year, a New opportunity, a New day… I could go on—New, New, New! Take hold of 2012 and run for all you’re worth for the King and His Kingdom. As a pastoral team we are all very excited about this New Year and what God has in store for us….

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For Today… Has Been Born for You a Savior who is Christ the Lord | Posted by Mark

As we approach Christmas, there are different expectations that arise  in our hearts. To some it is a season of holidays, presents, warm fires, family and gifts. To others it marks Advent which engenders a spirit of expectation, anticipation,  preparation, and longing to the birth of a king. It is the build up and anticipation…

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Partners of the Gospel | Posted by Mark

In Romans 16, after a great study of doctrine, we see a list of peoples names that have laboured; partnered alongside Paul for the sake of the Gospel. They had found the rich and deep truths of the gospel. Believing in and fully convinced that the Righteousness from God Revealed to us in Justification by…

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The Righteousness of God Revealed | Posted by Mark

Romans is a masterpiece of Paul’s, interspersed with Old Testament examples. It is a detailed scholarly message of the grace of God. As we go through this masterpiece, looking through the lenses of the Righteousness of God Revealed, we will come to only one conclusion–that right standing with God only comes through grace and not…

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