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Pastor’s Blog

In Jesus… | Posted by Mark

As we delve into our series “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”; I trust by now, we are all acknowledging that there is really something special about Him. Jesus is the centre of all things of the entire created orders, both visible and invisible He is the centre of both secular and sacred history. He is the centre…

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Jesus, Jesus, Jesus | Posted by Mark

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus what a wonderful name, it is the name above all names, ( we quote this scripture so easily without fathoming out the wonder of Jesus and His name), and through my life I have seen His name adored and abused, blasphemed and honoured, worship-fully whispered and in exuberance yelled aloud in adoring…

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The Almighty | Posted by Mark

I remember the controversy that assaulted the movie, “Bruce Almighty”, it had many verbal appendages attached to it as heresy, irreligious, hilarious, light hearted etc, etc. I think sometimes we need to step back from Pharisaical thinking, and not take ourselves so seriously. A time of mindless escapism into lala land for a moment in…

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Behold Your God | Posted by Mark

The Grace of God, His nature, His character, have been revealed to us through His written word and through the Living Word by the incarnation of His son Jesus. Without this revelation we have a tendency to dream up some mythological god and create for ourselves; our own private;  “God in a box”, and in…

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Life Springs Eternal | Posted by Mark

The month of May in our Northern climes, speaks of a newness of life, a freshness, a new birth a time of foaling, and lambing, heels being kicked up, a time when the young bucks ( deer), would spring through the fields, on stiff legs together, as they  “pronk” with  excitement and joy. A time…

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Vacant Space | Posted by Mark

The month of April in our calendar, might hold a number of exciting events for us, especially, as Christ followers, we look forward to Easter, as a time when we celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection. I know for the kids it remains Easter egg time, egg hunts, a time for more chocolate, ( as categorized…

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