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Pastor’s Blog

Metamorphosis | Posted by Mark

Paul is more than helpful in this passage, which holds strong deep truths, he gives us some instructive imperatives, in order for us to live worthily. We are to present our bodies as living sacrifices. Then we are instructed ” do not”, conform to this world, but be “transformed” – metamorphoo ( English word metamorphosis),…

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Please Sir!! | Posted by Mark

In a little English city,sometime back, there in a workhouse for the poor. A young boy, driven by hunger and desperation dared to ask for more; the indignant response roared back at this brave young boy; ” MORE YOU WANT MORE”, and so unfolds a classic story of all time, whose theme sprouted the failure…

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A New Day, A New Season, A New You | Posted by Mark

What was Jesus attempting to teach these new converts, these disciples, it certainly went beyond a lesson in fasting. It was a time of newness, a time of fulfillment, it signaled the ending of an era. Any attempt to attach the newness of the gospel to old religion or law was as futile as attempting…

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O Holy Night | Posted by Mark

I love to sing this amazing carol, given to the world by Placide Cappeau de Roquemaure in 1847, a wine maker who originally wrote it as a poem, for his priest. The words bring a resounding gift of hope and joy to a desperate world, with a crescendo of “fall on your knees”, as we…

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In the Fullness of Time | Posted by Mark

In our journey of delving into and discovering; “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”, I pray, this series has awakened your hearts to continually discover and keep your focus on Jesus, and all that He is, He was and will be. In reflection of the Old Covenant His relationship was based on “God with us”, as he came…

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What Is So Amazing About Grace? | Posted by Mark

Over the centuries, we have been awakened to different seasons in God, such as the reformation, and the counter reformation, the church and the enlightenment, Revivalism, Pentecostalism, which bore the charismatic movement, etc,etc,etc. For the sake of this blog, I like to term theses as awakenings in God, although some have been more emphatic, on…

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